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Toronto Is In Calgary tonight…

and I am lucky enough to go! Toronto is finally in Western Canada for the first time in 3 years, and facing Calgary for the first time in 2 years.

I paid a pretty penny for these tickets, so once again hopefully I see a good game, but once again I have my reservations. Toronto is coming off a huge 6-3 rout of the hated Habs, while the Flames are coming off their own rout, except it was them who got manhandled by the Hawks. For this reason, I’m not expecting a win from the Blue and White. The Flames will probably want to come out flying in order to get passed their showing on Sunday, meanwhile the Leafs will probably come out flat-footed after their huge win.

The only saving grace for the Leafs could be this single fact. Toronto is 3rd in the league averaging 35.2 shots per game,  while Kipper’s SV% is 0.888. So the Maple Leafs should score at least 4 goals tonight, and since the Flames average 2.94 Goals Per Game, this should be a win for Toronto.

Depends what school of thought you belong to I guess.


Big Night In The NHL Tonight

Gotta love Saturday nights. 15 games, 30 teams, all ready for action. Couple things to really look forward to however, and we’ll start in the East.

The team everyone loves to hate, and hates to love gets a big addition tonight. The big off-season signing, Jeff Finger finally makes his Maple Leafs debut tonight. Finger’s signing was a shocker, as Fletcher threw a lot of money at the Free Agent even though he’s really only in his second season, and was a healthy scratch at times during the play-offs last year. Ron Wilson and Fletch still contend that Finger is worth the 3.5 million per year. The Leafs also sent Jiri Tlustly down to the Marlies, which would probably mean that the Leafs will get at least 43 shots tonight, since Blake will be in the line-up.

Philly looks for their second win of the season, but if they want to win they’ll have to allow less goals which shouldn’t be too difficult since they are playing the Devils, but then again, it’ll be tougher to score too. Meanwhile Marty looks to inch closer to Roy’s records.

Personally, I think the match-up to look for in the East has to be the New York Rangers facing the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Rangers are off to an unbelievable start, and the Penguins… well, they’re the Pens. Anytime that you get Crosby, Malkin, J. Staal on the ice facing Gomez, Drury, Zherdev, and Naslund, there’s going to be one helleva game.

In the West, the high flying Red Wings are set to face the young Blackhawks in what should be a great Divisional Match-Up. I am torn on this one, but I gotta say, I hope the Hawks come flying out of the gates, and Toews puts up 4 goals, all of which are assisted by Keith and Campbell. That would get me up in the standings in my pool at work. Regardless, should be a good, high-paced game.

Other than that, another Divisional Match-up in the Northwest as the Kid Line and their Oilers take on the surprising Canucks tonight. Gillis’ weird made up team (honestly, what the hell?) are having a slow start to the season after ripping it up in the pre-season are looking to rebound, meanwhile the Oiler squad look are also looking to rebound after a couple losses. Oilers should take this hands down, but then again, anything can happen…

So one game is already underway, and hopefully the next 14 get off without any starting goalies tripping over rugs… Legace, idiot.


Hawks’ Coach Fired and Damn You Melrose

Alrighty, I was gonna be selfish today and completely concentrate on Melrose but Savard had to be fired. Not a surprising move by the Chicago brass, because everyone knew when Quennville was first brought into the organization, it was only a matter of time for Denis Savard.

In my opinion, I think it could have waited… I mean yes, the Hawks haved started slow, but give the guy a slim chance. This is totally a move of newish(?) ownership wanting to make it more their team, and not the team of the old man regime. Be it as it may, hopefully this works out for the Hawks, and they can disrupt their slow start and get going, because from what I’ve heard and seen, Chicago is excited for this team for the first time in nearly a decade.

Secondly, this is pissing me off. The Tampa Bay Lightning are 0-2-1 so far this season, with a solid 1.67 GF per game this season. I want Melrose to explain to me his reasoning of playing Stamkos like 6 minutes a game! Admittedly, I have Stamkos in one of my pools, and in those 6 minutes he’s not getting a lot of points. But for God’s sake, the kid went 1st overall with the notion that he would be a contributor to this club. His has a nake for creating scoring oppurtunities, which you are clearly in dire need of because as we’ve all seen in prior seasons, Lecavalier and St. Louis can’t do it all. Hey Melrose, its not 1983 anymore, PLAY YOUR ROOKIE! I need the points, and apparently so do you, its a win-win situation for all…