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Hawks’ Coach Fired and Damn You Melrose

Alrighty, I was gonna be selfish today and completely concentrate on Melrose but Savard had to be fired. Not a surprising move by the Chicago brass, because everyone knew when Quennville was first brought into the organization, it was only a matter of time for Denis Savard.

In my opinion, I think it could have waited… I mean yes, the Hawks haved started slow, but give the guy a slim chance. This is totally a move of newish(?) ownership wanting to make it more their team, and not the team of the old man regime. Be it as it may, hopefully this works out for the Hawks, and they can disrupt their slow start and get going, because from what I’ve heard and seen, Chicago is excited for this team for the first time in nearly a decade.

Secondly, this is pissing me off. The Tampa Bay Lightning are 0-2-1 so far this season, with a solid 1.67 GF per game this season. I want Melrose to explain to me his reasoning of playing Stamkos like 6 minutes a game! Admittedly, I have Stamkos in one of my pools, and in those 6 minutes he’s not getting a lot of points. But for God’s sake, the kid went 1st overall with the notion that he would be a contributor to this club. His has a nake for creating scoring oppurtunities, which you are clearly in dire need of because as we’ve all seen in prior seasons, Lecavalier and St. Louis can’t do it all. Hey Melrose, its not 1983 anymore, PLAY YOUR ROOKIE! I need the points, and apparently so do you, its a win-win situation for all…


What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today (07-04-08)

Steven Stamkos

Mostly, what is pissin’ me off today, is that there really isn’t any hockey to watch until Wednesday, so until then, any hockey news being read, is essentially regurgitated crap.

The other thing that pisses me off today, is that I have a night class tonight, and won’t be able to watch the draft lottery show. Not that I wanted to see it that badly

anyways, because I have this sneaky feeling that Atlanta will win it. Then my thoughts of the NHL being corrupt and fixed will once again bounce into my head.

Steven Stamkos, a pretty electrifying player, and certainly one hell of a franchise player, has over a 50% chance of landing in hockey-hot bed Tampa Bay. But if thats not enough the other two teams following up the Lighting with the best shot of landing Stamkos, are hockey-hot beds too. Los Angeles and Atlanta. I really wish, that a coveted young player, would wind up in a city where people actually give two shits about hockey and the game.

The only other teams with a chance at him are the St. Louis Blues, and the New York Islanders. At least they are a little better when it comes to the sport, but still. Barring a trade, Stamkos is going to wind up in the fascinating Southern Belt of Hockey. Whoop-di-do!


“One Play” Commercial

So I was surfing around randomly just a little ago, and I ran into this commercial. Apparently its the NHL’s newest attempt at promoting the game. I’ll let you have a look at it before I give my two cents.

First off, I effin’ love it. There are so many details to it and it works on so many different levels. It incorporates vintage hockey footage, pond hockey, minor hockey, and today’s hockey. The beginning starts with probably two of the most recognizable faces in hockey, Gretzky and Crosby. It shows almost every team in the league, if not all, shows the stars of the game, the grace and skill needed to play the game and it is shown with great fluidity. The cuts between video clips are great. What ever company produced this commercial did an unreal job in making it seem like it was actually one play.

This commercial is leaps and bounds above the “I Pledge” and “Is This the Year?” commercials. It seems that the NHL may finally have taken a step in the right direction, and just in time for the playoffs. Finally.



Quick Hits:Lecavalier, MVP, Oil, and Injured Hab

A few quick thoughts before I head to work tonight, and just before HNIC goes on-air.

Lecavalier Out Of World Championships

Vincent Lecavalier is going to find out soon if he will require off-season surgery on an ongoing wrist injury. Although the injury has not kept him from ripping the league up again, and being one of the premiere players, it has been bothering him and he will have it checked out. Even if he does not need to get the surgery, his agent has told the media that it is doubtful that Lecavalier will play for Team Canada. Although there has been talk of if players sit out of the Worlds their chances for making the 2010 Olympic team would be diminished, I doubt that would be the case with this guy. There is no way that he would not be considered for the Olympic team just because he sits out of a tourney 1 and a half years prior.

My Picks For MVP

Yesterday I wrote that I did not think Ovechkin should win the Hart Trophy if the Capitals do not make the post-season. After thinking about overnight (read last 3.5 minutes) I have come into a short-list of candidates. These candidates however are completely dependent on whether their respective team makes the play-offs, and their teams are currently in playoff contention.

  • Joe Thornton –  Could easily earn another one after his 06 Hart.
  • Alexei Kovalev -This kills me, just because his last few seasons have been sub-par, but he is having an excellent season.
  • Roberto Luongo – Let’s face it, without him, the Canucks would be a lot like the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Martin Brodeur – Has carried the Devils on his back throughout the season. Heck, Weekes got an ovation when he made a save in his 2 minutes of action the other night.
  • Evgeni Malkin – In the absence of some Crosby guy, he has stepped up and led the Penguins into the division lead and in a battle for the conference lead.

Edmonton Oilers Won’t Go Away

After this afternoon’s scoring festival against the Avalanche, the Edmonton Oilers have scraped themselves 3 points outside of 8th place, and if they continue their winning ways, they have a shot. I strongly believe that the Oilers will make play-offs. They are playing better than most teams right now, are actually somewhat consistent, and are only getting better. The other bonus to them winning, is that with every win, they piss of the Ducks. There is no reason for them to try an get into a better draft position, so they literally have nothing to lose.

Mike Komisarek’s Mystery Injury

The playoffs are clearly just around the corner, because Komisarek went down the all too common “Lower Body Injury.” As a fan, I hate that teams do this upper/lower body crap when it comes to injuries in the playoffs. But it does make sense, because when it comes to winning the Cup teams will take any advantage they can get, so if they know that Komisarek has a sprained knee, there is no doubt that that knee would be targeted by opposing teams.


Does Ovechkin Deserve MVP?


With the season winding down, the talk of Most Valuable Player is really starting to heat up, and one of the favourites is clearly Alexander Ovechkin. My question however, is does he deserve it?

Yes, he leads the league in Points (102) and Goals (58), and has brought his Washington Capitals on the verge of making the post-season for the first time in years. (I can’t even remember the last time they made the dance.) He was named to the All-Star, and will no doubt be named to the First All-Star Team and is running away with the Maurice Richard Trophy, but will all this earn him the coveted Hart?

Whether it will or not is up is not up to me, but I don’t think it should. I have always firmly believed that if a player wins the Hart, he better get his team into play-offs, just like the Adams shouldn’t be given to a coach that doesn’t boss his team into play-offs.

There is no doubt that Ovie is one of the MVP’s of the NHL, otherwise there wouldn’t be any talk about it, but if he doesn’t lead the Caps into the post-season then he couldn’t have been that valuable, because otherwise why isn’t Lecavalier’s name being thrown in there? While his stats are quite a bit below Ovechkin’s, he is still 3rd in points (89) and 5th in goals (40).

I am in no way campaigning for Lecavalier to be named MVP, because realistically I don’t know who should be. I will think about it overnight, and maybe I’ll have an answer for it then, if I do I will post it tomorrow.


Alright, so its been almost 3 weeks since I wrote this, and since then the Washington Capitals have climbed in the rankings and took over the Southeast Division lead. So the Caps are in play-offs, and without a doubt, Ovie is going to win MVP. He is going to win the Hart, and it shouldn’t even be close. (April 7th, 2008)



Big Hockey Night Tonight (03-11-08)


With the post-season looming, every night is going to produce some big games, but to this point of the season, tonight could be the biggest.  With 9 games in total, and 18 teams in action, the standings could change significantly, either making everything tighter, or perhaps some teams fall further out of contention. So I will go game-by-game, and make my best educated guesses at the winners and losers.

Colorado @ Atlanta

The Avs should take this one. With 7 wins in their last 10, and making a serious effort not only for play-offs, but also for the Northwest Division title, they can’t afford to lose. Atlanta on the other hand, winning only 1 of their last 10, appear to be heading for the lottery.

Chicago @ Detroit

I like the Wings at home here. With a wicked 23-8-2 record at home, the Wings shouldn’t fall to an away record of 15-15-5.

New Jersey @ Montreal

This is a massive game, winner takes the Eastern Conference lead. Even though Montreal is at home, I am going with the Devils. Brodeur will shine again, like he’s done all week. This is a complete guess though, it could go either way. Look for it to end 2-1 or 3-2.

Boston @ Ottawa

If the Sens lose again, they are going to be really close to the cut-off, although they still have a size-able lead over 9th place Buffalo. However, I think the tide is just about to turn in Ottawa. They’ve finally named their No. 1 goalie, and put their trust in Gerber. Gerber shouldn’t choke until play-offs. Sens take this one.

NY Islanders @ Tampa Bay

The weather must be beautiful is Tampa Bay these days… so nice that I think the team quit early to go play golf, having lost  5 straight. It just so happens to be raining in Tampa today (I checked the forecast), so they might actually show up. Going with the upset tonight.

Philadelphia @ Toronto

I am going with the Maple Leafs, but only because they are idiots, and they still think they have a shot at getting into play-offs. If they win this one, look for Vesa to play again tomorrow, if they lose, Raycroft should get the nod. I believe however that these two team will split this home-and-home.

San Jose @ Nashville

This is a tough one too, big match-up for both squads. San Jose is 1 point out of the division lead, and Nashville just on the out-skirts of play-offs. The Sharks have however won 9 streak games, who knew? I didn’t until now. I think that streak ends tonight though, Nashville wins to make the West more interesting.

St. Louis @ Oilers

The Oil are probably going to play this game into sleep mode, and bring into the Shoot-out to win again. Oilers in a shoot-out.

Anaheim @ Phoenix

I wish I could say that Bryzgalov will come back to haunt the Ducks tonight, but the Ducks are just so powerful, even with Corey Perry out. Ducks to win this one, but look for some fights, no doubt Carcillo will look to add to his 244 PIM.

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What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today (03-10-08)

Ok, so it is Monday, and I’ve had a shitty day so far, and I can’t fathom the thought of writing anything good today, so I am going to rant on somethings (there’s two) that are pissing me off, which I think I will do every Monday, because Monday’s are generally shitty days for everyone.


Effin’ Idiot 

Avery to be Fined by NHL

Ok, so I am not really pissed that he is getting fined, I am pissed that he is only getting fined. The idiot throws not one, but two water bottles into the crowd because he’s upset about a call. The guy is throwing things at paying customers. Fans are warned about “flying projectiles” leaving the playing surface, but water bottles flying out of the penalty box because some idiot is upset about a call does not qualify in my opinion.

Was Sundin not suspended when he threw his stick into the crowd? Granted it was a broken stick, but you can’t start justifying things because, hey, that’s a blunt object, or meh, it was his glove, and that is mostly foam. Or whatever, he only missed 3 kids, its not like there was someone that matters out there.

Avery is an idiot, he should be suspended, and the fact that he is looking for a new contract in the area of $4 million per year blows my mind.

NHL To Play Game Outdoor at Yankee Stadium

Hey Bettman, the NHL doesn’t make enough money? So you are just going to keep holding outdoor games so that you get more? How about trying to get people in Nashville, and Florida to attend their games, or getting a half decent TV contract. Thankfully, I live in Canada so I get lots of coverage, but I hear that’s harder to come by in America. Anyways, this is just a money grabber, and I hope the novelty of the outdoor game wears off soon, and they stop having games that matter, and could have big implications come April, especially when the NHL hands out points for setting up good traps and getting games into overtime and losing anyway.

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