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Ovie Vs. Malkin

Wow, that’s all I have to say about what happened tonight, in this rare hockey-filled Wednesday. (Good Ol’ American Thanksgiving, wouldn’t want to show any hockey while the entire US has a day off eh, Bettman?) Anyways! Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin just keep on rolling, and continue to amaze us.

Alex for his part, pretty much single-handedly beat the Thrashers tonight, rattling off a Hat trick, scoring on 50% of his shots, adding an assist, and his goals counted for two on the PP and his one that wasn’t on the PP just happened to be the Game Winner. I’d say that was successful outing.

Malkin on the other hand, decided that he didn’t feel like losing tonight. After the Pens go down two on a late in the second, (read: normally a momentum boost) he comes out and sets up some Crosby guy to pull within one, then says ‘ef this noise, and scores a natural hat trick, meanwhile registering on 75% of his shots. Take that Ovechkin.

I personally love this rivalry between these two superstars, but one has got to wonder what is going happen come 2010. Rumour has is, that there is no way they could agree to play with one another, so Russia might have to make due with only one of them. Which puts them in one helluva squeeze. First off, which guy do they pick and at the same time, which guy should they completely piss off to the point that he’ll probably never return to ‘Mother Russia’? Or do they just try to persuade them both to share a locker room and hope that their hate for each other doesn’t spread throughout. We all know how well that situation is working out in the Dallas locker room with Avery.

Honestly who knows, but I for one, cannot wait to see what will happen. I just wish that they would have been playing against eachother when they decided to pop off those hatties.


Ovechkin gets Payback for Broken Nose


Last night, Alexander Ovechkin scored 4 goals, added an assist, had his nose broken, needed stitches on his lips, and also needed stitches inside of his mouth.

Is there really any doubt about how good this guy is? I mean really, 40 goals in 3 straight seasons, he is almost single-handedly carrying the Caps into the play-offs. He is also leading the league in both goals and points. Not to mention the fact that he was capable of negotiating his own contract extension, which is going to make him a really rich man. The other thing I love about Alex the Gr8, is that he is not afraid to go into the corners and put his body on the line, as proven y the beating he took from the Habs. This guy is unreal. And he really loves to score,you can see the passion he has for the game of hockey everytime he scores.

If you need more proof, check this out.