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Donald Brashear Re-signs with Capitals


The Washington Capitals have re-signed the second most famous #87 in the league, Donald Brashear. Now I realize that Brashear is not going to end up in the Hall, or have his number retired, but he is a damn important player.

Fighting belongs in the NHL, and so do enforcers. The instigator rule needs to be gotten rid of, so that players like Brashear can police the ice surface a little bit, and protect guys like Semin and Ovechkin. Realistically, I don’t think guys like Downie, Avery, Ruutu, hell even Tucker would be skating around being assholes if guys like Brashear, Parros, Boogard, and Belak could beat the living snot out of them. If you think that having enforcers is dumb, and something that only happens in the NHL, look no further than Hollywood.

The Mighty Ducks. Thats right. The Gordan Bombay coached-Mighty Ducks had enforcers. They had Fulton and Portman skating around protecting Conway and Banks. We all remember how Fulton and Portman handled those Icelandic monsters. So even Disney knew that these guys are important, that they have a place in hockey. So if Mighty Ducks could find a use for enforcers at the Junior Goodwill Games, NHL teams can sure use them to protect their star players.

***Side note: Because its the All-Star Break, and its a useless week-end, I am going to need suggestions on what to write about, so if you want to know my thoughts on anything hockey, let me know.***