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Play-off Match-ups Decided & Predictions

Ok, so with my extended absence over, the NHL season is also over and the match-ups have been decided.

Eastern Conference

  • (1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (8) Boston Bruins – Montreal is going to take this without too much effort. Sorry Boston, but I don’t think you have a shot. Montreal in 5.
  • (2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (7) Ottawa Senators – First of all, could anyone have imagined that the Sens would be seventh in the conference at the end of the season? Because the Senators are the biggest chokers I’ve seen in the NHL, Penguins in 6.
  • (3) Washington Capitals vs. (6) Philadelphia Flyers – I think this is going the best series in the first round. Ovechkin just won’t be happy enough with just making the post-season, he is going to to carry this team through. Washington in 7.
  • (4) New Jersey Devils vs. (5) New York Rangers – Brodeur is going to single-handedly win these series. Sorry Pries, but the Rangers are ‘effed. Jersey in 6.

Western Conference

  • (1) Detroit Red Wings vs. (8) Nashville Predators – The grizzled and experienced Red Wings continue to be the top team in the league, it is unreal. The Red Wings are gonna waltz through the Predators. Wings sweep.
  • (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (7) Calgary Flames – Sorry Flame fans… But the Sharks are going to take this one. It won’t be easy though, the Flames are one of the grittiest teams in the league. Sharks in 7.
  • (3) Minnesota Wild vs. (6) Colorado Avalanche – This is a tough one… I realistically have no idea who is gonna win this one, so I am just gonna pick the Avs because they are my Dad’s team, and they used to be the Nordiques! Avalanche in 6.
  • (4) Anaheim Ducks vs. (5) Dallas Stars – Just because the Ducks finished 4th, doesn’t mean they can’t repeat. They are a better team than they were last year so they have a legit shot. Ducks win in 5.

There… now I just hope that I am right on half of them, because I could see myself screwing it up.


Celebrating Hockey’s Jackie Robinson

Willie O’Ree

January 18th marks a historic day in the NHL. It will mark 50 years since the first Black player suited up and played hockey in the NHL. Here is the story about it from

Ask people who the first black man to play in the NHL, and I am willing to be money, that a solid portion of people that proclaim themselves as being hockey fans wouldn’t know his name. Willie O’Ree is his name, and he does not get the recognition he deserves. Sure it had been over a decade since Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier in baseball, but this still deserved more talk then it garnered, (I can only claim this by what I read.)

Oh, and if it wasn’t enough of a feat, O’Ree did it while being blind in one eye, not something the Bruins knew. As far as I know, in today’s age, Bryan Berard is the only player currently playing with blindness. According to TSN, there is about 20 coloured players in the league. And O’Ree did both!