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Front Offices Somewhat Busy This Monday

Ok, so of course the news of the Maple Leafs making the Steen & Colaiacovo trade for Lee Stempniak trumps all the other activity today. As a Leafs fan I have some mixed feelings about this trade.

First of all, I don’t think Steen was ever given a fair chance to play up to his potential. Being stuck on the 3rd and 4th line for the better part of your career is not going to give you the chance to put up a lot of points. Case in point, look at how well Stajan is responding to the increased ice-time. I just fear that Steen is going to be the next Brad Boyes. I don’t think Steen will ever reach the level that Boyes could reach, but I think he’s going to make an impact for sure. Colaiacovo for his part, well I loved the guy’s style, but that style isn’t going to help when his sitting in the booth because his style is realistically his undoing. If you can’t be healthy well then you aren’t much use, just don’t go pull a Wellwood and suddenly become healthy and one of the biggest surprises in the league! (Who can honestly say they saw Wellwood coming on like that? Vancouver didn’t, because he didn’t even make the team!)

Lee Stempniak, for his part, well I don’t know much about him. I do know he’s relatively young at 25, decent size at just over 200 lbs and is having an excellent, yet quiet season. Granted that season was in St. Louis and no the media-meca that is Toronto. He does have this though, which is quite fitting actually. Hopefully we can make that term a little more popular.

In my opinion, I think the Silver Fox could have gotten a little more, even if it was just a late pick. I think just a 4th or 5th rounder would have been better than two players for one. Truely, I think that the Buds are doing too good for Fletcher’s liking. If there is two things the Leafs brass want more than anything in the world right now, its Brian Burke, and Jon Tavares. If the Leafs keep playing like they are, they’ll go one for two, because mediocracy doesn’t bring high picks, and we know that all to well.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the other BIG news. The San Jose Sharks have agreed to a try-out contract with Claude Lemieux. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with that. I get that he’s been clutch in play-offs and whatnot, but he also hasn’t played in the NHL for FIVE years, and he’s no Chelios. At 43 years of age, I am pretty sure Lemieux’s playing days should be over!


Horcoff Out For Season


According to TSN, Shawn Horcoff was informed that he will be needing season ending shoulder surgery. This puts him on the shelf alongside other key members of the Oilers organization. Sheldon Souray and Raffi Torres are also out at the moment with a shoulder injury and a knee injury, respectively. I think it needs to be said that Horcoff aggravated the shoulder at the All-Star Game… wonder what happened? Too many passes? Did he hurt himself trying to deke or something?

Anyways! This is a big blow for Edmonton, as Horcoff has to be one of few bright spots for Oiler fans these days. Horcoff was on pace for 76 points this season, which would have been a career high. Other than Horcoff, the Copper-and-blue can now just look at their future, and wait for things to turn around. Since appearing in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals a few years ago, nothing has gone right for the Oilers.

First they got raped by Pronger, which led to them getting raped again by Brian Burke and the Anaheim Ducks, (they are probably loving this… their 1st round draft pick is getting closer and closer to Stamkos.) Then the Oiler completely tanked the following season, had to trade away the heart of their team, (Smyth) and then later traded the soul, (Smith).

Oh well, I think the Oiler management and fans, and new owner (almost) can look forward to having a solid future.


Ray Emery Asked For Trade


According to Senators GM, Bryan Murray, Ray Emery and him had a conversation several months ago that entailed Emery asking for a trade out of town. Emery thought the move would do some good both for him and the team.

Personally, I don’t know what “Rayzor” is doing… He is on a cup contending team, he has proved that he can bring them to the big dance, and we all know that Martin Gerber is going to choke, be it in the next few weeks, or in that first round of play-offs. We all know what happened in Carolina against the Habs.

Murray admits to trying to shop Emery around, but there was no market at all for him, not surprising when you look at what Brian Burke had to do to keep his word with Bryzgalov.

Apparently though, Emery has changed his tune lately, even though he’s been missing practices, getting into scraps when he does show up at practice, and if he can’t find a willing opponent, well he’s just been breaking sticks over the end boards. When he was asked if he had asked for a trade recently, Emery replied, “No, I didn’t ask to be traded at the end of December.” Pretty specific with dates there… we should get Emery on that Fox show, The Moment of Truth. Then we might get some answers.