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Tough Two Weeks

Yeah ok, so maybe not in the NHL, (although maybe for some teams) but for me. This week and last has been nuts, and its not going to stop until at least next Tuesday, so until then, don’t expect much out of me!

Made a big a trade in my fantasy today, hopefully I can get some feed back. I traded away Huselius, Kaberle, and Bryzgalov for Lundqvist, Enstrom, and Prospal.

I needed goaltending because Osgood isn’t getting the games I was hoping he would, and I figure Huselius is streaky as hell. So I feel that I am losing Kaberle for Lundqvist. I have Campbell anyways and maybe Vlasic can keep up his pace of play. And then maybe Hammer or Keith can pick, Enstrom too for that matter. And as for Huselius and Prospal.. well Toews is coming on, so Juice was a spare part anyways, I just wanted him gone.


Ray Emery Asked For Trade


According to Senators GM, Bryan Murray, Ray Emery and him had a conversation several months ago that entailed Emery asking for a trade out of town. Emery thought the move would do some good both for him and the team.

Personally, I don’t know what “Rayzor” is doing… He is on a cup contending team, he has proved that he can bring them to the big dance, and we all know that Martin Gerber is going to choke, be it in the next few weeks, or in that first round of play-offs. We all know what happened in Carolina against the Habs.

Murray admits to trying to shop Emery around, but there was no market at all for him, not surprising when you look at what Brian Burke had to do to keep his word with Bryzgalov.

Apparently though, Emery has changed his tune lately, even though he’s been missing practices, getting into scraps when he does show up at practice, and if he can’t find a willing opponent, well he’s just been breaking sticks over the end boards. When he was asked if he had asked for a trade recently, Emery replied, “No, I didn’t ask to be traded at the end of December.” Pretty specific with dates there… we should get Emery on that Fox show, The Moment of Truth. Then we might get some answers.