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Ovie Vs. Malkin

Wow, that’s all I have to say about what happened tonight, in this rare hockey-filled Wednesday. (Good Ol’ American Thanksgiving, wouldn’t want to show any hockey while the entire US has a day off eh, Bettman?) Anyways! Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin just keep on rolling, and continue to amaze us.

Alex for his part, pretty much single-handedly beat the Thrashers tonight, rattling off a Hat trick, scoring on 50% of his shots, adding an assist, and his goals counted for two on the PP and his one that wasn’t on the PP just happened to be the Game Winner. I’d say that was successful outing.

Malkin on the other hand, decided that he didn’t feel like losing tonight. After the Pens go down two on a late in the second, (read: normally a momentum boost) he comes out and sets up some Crosby guy to pull within one, then says ‘ef this noise, and scores a natural hat trick, meanwhile registering on 75% of his shots. Take that Ovechkin.

I personally love this rivalry between these two superstars, but one has got to wonder what is going happen come 2010. Rumour has is, that there is no way they could agree to play with one another, so Russia might have to make due with only one of them. Which puts them in one helluva squeeze. First off, which guy do they pick and at the same time, which guy should they completely piss off to the point that he’ll probably never return to ‘Mother Russia’? Or do they just try to persuade them both to share a locker room and hope that their hate for each other doesn’t spread throughout. We all know how well that situation is working out in the Dallas locker room with Avery.

Honestly who knows, but I for one, cannot wait to see what will happen. I just wish that they would have been playing against eachother when they decided to pop off those hatties.


Preds In Town Against Calgary

I’m not writing about this because I am a fan of either of this teams, but because I get to go to the game tonight, which is enough to get my excitement up.

Now, if only the game is actually exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to NHL games, but last time I went, it was a snooze-fest, and Flame fans hammered the post-game talk shows with calls about how great the team had played that night. Needless to say, I was less than impressed. What made it worse was the fact that I had high expectations seeing as the Capitals were in town, tonight, different story all together.

Nashville. Personally I dislike Nashville, not because of the team but because of the market and their fans. I don’t believe they deserve a team, but they have one, and they barely kept it (just turn a blind eye to the whole Del Baggio thing).

The team itself I don’t mind, but I sure don’t have high expectations for this game. I have a feeling its gonna be as boring as can be, but hopefully I am wrong, and hopefully one of the teams come out flying, and they have all the reason to. Calgary is coming off of two losses and are looking to rebound after a loss to the Coyotes. Nashville for their part, are coming of a 4-0 shutout against the Canucks. So here’s hoping to both team coming out of the gates fast and hard, with some big checks and a lot of speed through the neutral zone. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a fight or two.


Caps at Flames Last Night

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Calgary’s game last, and I was so stoked. My first chance to see the high-flying Capitals live… and what a disappointment! Yes, Ovechkin showed what a talented and dynamic player he is with a couple between the leg dekes, but other than that, I am glad I didn’t have to pay for the tickets!

I have a few points that I want to bring up, and they pretty much all have to do with how disorientated I think Flames’ fans are. After the game, as we’re driving back, we were listening the FAN 960 and their thoughts on the game, and then the phone-in portion of the show. Everyone thought that the Flames played a tremendous game, and that this is the kind of hockey that is going to get them places. But, let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

  1. Flames went one for nine on the power play. 1 FOR 9! They also failed to score on 4 separate 5-on-3s (granted out of those they were only actually up two men for approximately 4 minutes, but still.) Their one power play goal was on a giveaway, as the Caps failed to clear the zone, and Iggy just intercepted it and shot a knuckler past Theodore. They other goal the Flames managed to score, came just seconds after their PP had expired, yet everyone failed to notice that the Flames had just spent 20 seconds running around their own end defending the Capitals PK unit. At no point did the Flames seem to even set up in the opposing zone, because they have no set up, their PP set-up is, pass the puck to Dion and he’ll one-time it.
  2. Did Keenan forget to teach the Flames how to break-out of their own end this year? I don’t think I saw them managed to break out cleanly once last night, and the majority of their passes were off target or getting picked off. This also explained why Langkow almost got his head knocked off when he was trying to pick up that Suicide Pass. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Why does every big hit have to result in someone getting jumped? I understand that Bourque was protecting his teammate, but how’s this for an idea of protecting your teammate… don’t pass the puck up his ass. Side note: The 9 minute penalty was called correctly, and he deserved it.
  4. Kipper. Oh Kipper. You got first star last night, actually managed to only allow one goal, which brings your GAA to 342.4 and SV% to 0.730. Okay, exaggerations I know, but at the start of the game, its good thing the Capitals shot wide 5 times because you were sliding around like you were in a mud wrestling match. I think you’re overrated, and have only had one solid season, all the others you have ridden a hockey team that should be much better.
  5. Pries and I figured out how it was humanly possible for Bertuzzi to play 25 minutes last night… the Flames play at half speed, therefore allowing Bert to play twice as much because he only expending half the energy. I don’t know whether it was the Caps’ speed or the Flames’ lack thereof, but man, were they ever slow going through the neutral zone. This may also explain the terrible break-out I mentioned on point 2.

So there you have it Flames’ fans… if you want to consider your team a Stanley Cup contender, you better hope that the Flames figure some shit out, because if they keep playing like last night, and that was their best effort, I’d hope for an early spring.

P.S. Calgary was out-shot, even with the 9 PP chances, how does that make sense?


________ing Out the Arena

The Flames’ home, the SaddleDome is completely engulfed in red, just like the Capitals’ Verizon Center. The Jets used to White Out their arena, and that tradition has carried over to Phoenix. The Stars the other night, Blacked Out the American Airlines Center.

So what did the players think of the spectacle? Word is… they hated it! Most notably the tenders. Apparently the can’t see the puck. Weird… I always thought that black on black out be just peachy, but evidently it doesn’t, trust me I tried.

Let me be the first to say, I love the look of an arena being coloured out. I remember getting chills when the Coyotes made the play-offs for the first time after they left Winnipeg, and I saw the White Out. It looks unbelievable! Having said that, sorry Stars fans, I don’t know if you guys have the colours to do it, unless you did gold, that might look unreal.

I just saw a highlight of the Dallas/Anaheim game, and it appears as though the AAC is completely blacked out again. I am guessing that nothing is going to change that, but if I was Turco, and I hated it as much as he apparently does, I’d be urging the fans to do something different. At least though, on the bright side (ohh as if there is!) its not like its an advantage for any team. (Wow, I just got an amazing idea!) What if… half the arena (the end that Turco faces) wore white t-shirts, and then between periods, the fans all switch coloured shirts, so that Turco would always be facing white, and the other team’s goalie sees black. That would be unreal!

Credit to for the picture.

Does Ovechkin Deserve MVP?


With the season winding down, the talk of Most Valuable Player is really starting to heat up, and one of the favourites is clearly Alexander Ovechkin. My question however, is does he deserve it?

Yes, he leads the league in Points (102) and Goals (58), and has brought his Washington Capitals on the verge of making the post-season for the first time in years. (I can’t even remember the last time they made the dance.) He was named to the All-Star, and will no doubt be named to the First All-Star Team and is running away with the Maurice Richard Trophy, but will all this earn him the coveted Hart?

Whether it will or not is up is not up to me, but I don’t think it should. I have always firmly believed that if a player wins the Hart, he better get his team into play-offs, just like the Adams shouldn’t be given to a coach that doesn’t boss his team into play-offs.

There is no doubt that Ovie is one of the MVP’s of the NHL, otherwise there wouldn’t be any talk about it, but if he doesn’t lead the Caps into the post-season then he couldn’t have been that valuable, because otherwise why isn’t Lecavalier’s name being thrown in there? While his stats are quite a bit below Ovechkin’s, he is still 3rd in points (89) and 5th in goals (40).

I am in no way campaigning for Lecavalier to be named MVP, because realistically I don’t know who should be. I will think about it overnight, and maybe I’ll have an answer for it then, if I do I will post it tomorrow.


Alright, so its been almost 3 weeks since I wrote this, and since then the Washington Capitals have climbed in the rankings and took over the Southeast Division lead. So the Caps are in play-offs, and without a doubt, Ovie is going to win MVP. He is going to win the Hart, and it shouldn’t even be close. (April 7th, 2008)



What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today!? (03-17-08)


Surprisingly not much today, must be because its St. Paddy’s Day, puts me in a good mood.

 But I was watching Drive This Hardcore Radio on The Score earlier today, and they got an e-mail that set me off a bit. Apparently there was a story out there in Pittsburgh somewhere, where some journalist looked at the number of when Crosby has been in, and when he has been out. According to his research, the Penguins have a higher winning percentage, and have a high Goals For Per Game. So because of that, this “journalist” decided that the Penguins are better team without Crosby, and that they could make him expendable.

This guy must be out of his mind, even if the team has better stats without him, there is no package that any team could put together to get him. Its like the Capitals making Ovechkin available. Ok, maybe not quite, because the Pens have a way deeper talent pool, but seriously… trade Crosby?!

The only other thing is still the Pronger crap, I am not gonna talk about it, I’ve talked about it already. And it is currently getting slowly poked to death on every sports channel, and sports website out there. And just the fact that we have nothing better to talk about, is pissin’ me off!



Lundqvist signs, Simon’s Back, and Some Rumours

Ok, so since it doesn’t really seem like there is too many things of severe importance going on in the NHL right now, I thought I would just hit up some quick little topics.

Lundqvist Signs Extension


According to TSN, Henrik Lundqvist has signed a contract extension apparently worth 39.5 million over 6 years. That works out to about 6.58 million dollars per year. I think that’s pretty good considering that the Rangers would be terrible without Lundqvist, he is already considered to be one the leagues elite tenders, and at the age 25, he still has lots of time to improve. Not bad for a guy that was drafted 205th overall in 2000.

Leafs and Flames Talking Trades


Most notably, according to Eklund (which is probably complete shait then,) the Flames and Leafs are talking Mats Sundin for Kristian Huselius, and probably a few picks in there. Personally, I don’t mind the sounds of this trade. It is one of the more likely trade rumours I have heard surrounding Sundin, in that it makes some sense for both teams, but I would rather see some defense coming to Toronto.

There are some other talks involving Tanguay leaving Calgary, as almost everyone knows that he wants the hell out of town.

Chris Simon Back On Skates


Yup, Chris Simon of the New York Islanders, whose been suspended for awhile now, and on some sort of anger management program is back on skates and is going to fly to Toronto for the game on Thursday. Great this is just what the NHL needs. I wonder how long until Simon picks up his umpteenth suspension and the league finally decides to ban him for life. I can’t wait.

Caps Re-sign Fleischmann To Two-Year Contract



Realistically I don’t know who this guy is at all, the only reason I do is because of Eastside Hockey Manager. I ran the Caps for a few seasons, and the coaching staff told me that Fleischmann didn’t have the talent to succeed at this level. So I released him, and now the real Capitals just re-signed him. This proves that the coaching staff I had in place had no idea what they were talking about. Hence why I sucked for the most part.



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