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The NHL Was Bright Today

I say bright, not because they were smart, because let’s face it, that is about as rare as a Wayne Gretzky rookie card. I say that because there was a lot of lighting up done today.

The Penguins, who are still relatively unhealthy, routed the Flyers with a 7-1 win. I don’t know if the Flyers are really intent on making the playoffs, but as of right now, if they don’t get their shiat together, they aren’t going to make it. With 2 losses in a row, things are looking dim as they hit the stretch run.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Florida Panthers are rattling off wins like there is no tomorrow. Maybe because if they don’t… there is no tomorrow. They have now won 7 in a row and sit 2 points behind the Flyers, but have played more games than all of the other teams on the cusp.

Speaking of rattling wins off, the Sharks finally lost! They went down to the Oilers tonight, in a shoot-out (go figure). Before tonight they had won 11 games in a row on their way to the Pacific Division lead, and with two games on hand on the Ducks, they are looking good to lock up 2nd in the West.

Finally, the other bright spot tonight was Joe Corvo, who lit up his former team. Corvo recorded a hat-trick in his first game against the Senators since he was traded just prior to the trade deadline. With Carolina climbing comfortably into the division lead, and playing much better hockey than the Senators, one might think that Corvo is happy with the trade that had him and Patrick Eaves sent to Raleigh for Commodore and Stillman.

Again, with every passing day, the play-off picture is starting to clear up, and I look forward to it. Look for my predictions as soon as the match-ups figure themselves out.


Top Ten Facial Hair In Hockey

In lue of the play-offs being just around the corner, I got a little excited at the thought of the play-off beard. That eventually got me into thinking about some of the best beards in hockey, and then I just started thinking of facial hair in hockey, so I thought I would try to make a list, so here goes, starting at number 10:

10.) Bob Kelly:

images.jpeg This is just a nice little 80’s ‘stache, I think it matches his hair quite nicely.

9.) Don Cherry:

images1.jpeg Don has been rocking this manicured goatee for as long as I can remember.

8.) Bill McCreary:

images2.jpeg “Yes Officer McCreary…” Once McCreary retires, he could easily find a job with some State Troopers.

7.) Rob & Scott Niedermayer

images3.jpeg Way to make mommy proud fellows. Them are some full beards, I believe Scott’s won him the coveted Chuck Norris Playoff Beard Award.

6.) Bret Hedican

images4.jpeg I believe this one captured the 2006 Chuck Norris Playoff Beard Award.

5.) Lanny MacDonald

images5.jpeg I’ve begun to think that Lanny super-glues a mustache wig to his face, that sweet piece of hair hasn’t changed in 30 years!

4.) Darren McCarty

images6.jpeg That… is… just… gross. It kind of looks like something died on his chin. His concerts must have been nuts!

3.) Scott Parker

images7.jpeg He just looks mean. That beard is probably used to cushion punches or something, but in all honesty, this picture doesn’t do it justice. I think his beard is down to his chest right now.

2.) George Parros

images8.jpeg Ok, I know most people would have the porn stache at #1, but because there really isn’t much facial hair, its #2. Parros is going to double in a 70s porno at some point in time, they could impose his stache on there.

And, finally the honour goes to…

1.) Mike Commodore

images9.jpeg Not a lot needs to be said about this one. Take note however, that Mike’s beard is 2 for 2 in playoffs, both time having reach the Stanley Cup Finals. He, and Sens Nation hopes it works its magic again.

Honourable Mentions

There are a couple other ones out there that might deserve a shot to be in here some where, but I thought these were better. The 3 that I think deserve a mention are

  • Mikka Kiprusoff, if his beard wasn’t buried under his mask all season then maybe.
  • Bryan McCabe, if you remember that gnarly handlebar mustache he was rocking earlier this season, sadly he shaved it off.
  • Peter Forsberg, has another one of those manicured goatees, that he’s been sporting since about 1993.

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