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Play-off Picture Clearer And Clearer…


As every night passes, and very game is played, the play-off picture starts to clear up. It is now starting to get easier to see which teams are going to be in, and which will be out. Which have a legitimate shot at making the dance, and which teams are nearing closer and closer to mathematical elimination.

The other thing that is enjoyable to look for at this time of year, is where about your favourite team will wind up in the draft, that is if they are on the outside looking in. Are they going to get a top 5 pick? Or will they end up with a middle of the pack 13th or so pick? And then there is always the ever fun, looking at the draft and then trying to figure out which guy is going to be the best fit for your team.

The other minuet detail that very few teams get to look for, is whether your team will end up in the bottom 5, and if they will be in the draft lottery, and whether they have a chance at Stamkos.

All of that really depends on one thing however. Does your team own a first round pick? Imagine, for a second if you are the Oilers. You want to win as much as possible, not to make play-offs because that is almost completely out of reach, but so that the Ducks don’t get that chance at getting Stamkos, because as of right now… they have a chance, and that my friends, is effin’ scary.

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