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Big Night In The NHL Tonight

Gotta love Saturday nights. 15 games, 30 teams, all ready for action. Couple things to really look forward to however, and we’ll start in the East.

The team everyone loves to hate, and hates to love gets a big addition tonight. The big off-season signing, Jeff Finger finally makes his Maple Leafs debut tonight. Finger’s signing was a shocker, as Fletcher threw a lot of money at the Free Agent even though he’s really only in his second season, and was a healthy scratch at times during the play-offs last year. Ron Wilson and Fletch still contend that Finger is worth the 3.5 million per year. The Leafs also sent Jiri Tlustly down to the Marlies, which would probably mean that the Leafs will get at least 43 shots tonight, since Blake will be in the line-up.

Philly looks for their second win of the season, but if they want to win they’ll have to allow less goals which shouldn’t be too difficult since they are playing the Devils, but then again, it’ll be tougher to score too. Meanwhile Marty looks to inch closer to Roy’s records.

Personally, I think the match-up to look for in the East has to be the New York Rangers facing the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Rangers are off to an unbelievable start, and the Penguins… well, they’re the Pens. Anytime that you get Crosby, Malkin, J. Staal on the ice facing Gomez, Drury, Zherdev, and Naslund, there’s going to be one helleva game.

In the West, the high flying Red Wings are set to face the young Blackhawks in what should be a great Divisional Match-Up. I am torn on this one, but I gotta say, I hope the Hawks come flying out of the gates, and Toews puts up 4 goals, all of which are assisted by Keith and Campbell. That would get me up in the standings in my pool at work. Regardless, should be a good, high-paced game.

Other than that, another Divisional Match-up in the Northwest as the Kid Line and their Oilers take on the surprising Canucks tonight. Gillis’ weird made up team (honestly, what the hell?) are having a slow start to the season after ripping it up in the pre-season are looking to rebound, meanwhile the Oiler squad look are also looking to rebound after a couple losses. Oilers should take this hands down, but then again, anything can happen…

So one game is already underway, and hopefully the next 14 get off without any starting goalies tripping over rugs… Legace, idiot.


“One Play” Commercial

So I was surfing around randomly just a little ago, and I ran into this commercial. Apparently its the NHL’s newest attempt at promoting the game. I’ll let you have a look at it before I give my two cents.

First off, I effin’ love it. There are so many details to it and it works on so many different levels. It incorporates vintage hockey footage, pond hockey, minor hockey, and today’s hockey. The beginning starts with probably two of the most recognizable faces in hockey, Gretzky and Crosby. It shows almost every team in the league, if not all, shows the stars of the game, the grace and skill needed to play the game and it is shown with great fluidity. The cuts between video clips are great. What ever company produced this commercial did an unreal job in making it seem like it was actually one play.

This commercial is leaps and bounds above the “I Pledge” and “Is This the Year?” commercials. It seems that the NHL may finally have taken a step in the right direction, and just in time for the playoffs. Finally.



Quick Hits:Lecavalier, MVP, Oil, and Injured Hab

A few quick thoughts before I head to work tonight, and just before HNIC goes on-air.

Lecavalier Out Of World Championships

Vincent Lecavalier is going to find out soon if he will require off-season surgery on an ongoing wrist injury. Although the injury has not kept him from ripping the league up again, and being one of the premiere players, it has been bothering him and he will have it checked out. Even if he does not need to get the surgery, his agent has told the media that it is doubtful that Lecavalier will play for Team Canada. Although there has been talk of if players sit out of the Worlds their chances for making the 2010 Olympic team would be diminished, I doubt that would be the case with this guy. There is no way that he would not be considered for the Olympic team just because he sits out of a tourney 1 and a half years prior.

My Picks For MVP

Yesterday I wrote that I did not think Ovechkin should win the Hart Trophy if the Capitals do not make the post-season. After thinking about overnight (read last 3.5 minutes) I have come into a short-list of candidates. These candidates however are completely dependent on whether their respective team makes the play-offs, and their teams are currently in playoff contention.

  • Joe Thornton –  Could easily earn another one after his 06 Hart.
  • Alexei Kovalev -This kills me, just because his last few seasons have been sub-par, but he is having an excellent season.
  • Roberto Luongo – Let’s face it, without him, the Canucks would be a lot like the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Martin Brodeur – Has carried the Devils on his back throughout the season. Heck, Weekes got an ovation when he made a save in his 2 minutes of action the other night.
  • Evgeni Malkin – In the absence of some Crosby guy, he has stepped up and led the Penguins into the division lead and in a battle for the conference lead.

Edmonton Oilers Won’t Go Away

After this afternoon’s scoring festival against the Avalanche, the Edmonton Oilers have scraped themselves 3 points outside of 8th place, and if they continue their winning ways, they have a shot. I strongly believe that the Oilers will make play-offs. They are playing better than most teams right now, are actually somewhat consistent, and are only getting better. The other bonus to them winning, is that with every win, they piss of the Ducks. There is no reason for them to try an get into a better draft position, so they literally have nothing to lose.

Mike Komisarek’s Mystery Injury

The playoffs are clearly just around the corner, because Komisarek went down the all too common “Lower Body Injury.” As a fan, I hate that teams do this upper/lower body crap when it comes to injuries in the playoffs. But it does make sense, because when it comes to winning the Cup teams will take any advantage they can get, so if they know that Komisarek has a sprained knee, there is no doubt that that knee would be targeted by opposing teams.


What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today!? (03-17-08)


Surprisingly not much today, must be because its St. Paddy’s Day, puts me in a good mood.

 But I was watching Drive This Hardcore Radio on The Score earlier today, and they got an e-mail that set me off a bit. Apparently there was a story out there in Pittsburgh somewhere, where some journalist looked at the number of when Crosby has been in, and when he has been out. According to his research, the Penguins have a higher winning percentage, and have a high Goals For Per Game. So because of that, this “journalist” decided that the Penguins are better team without Crosby, and that they could make him expendable.

This guy must be out of his mind, even if the team has better stats without him, there is no package that any team could put together to get him. Its like the Capitals making Ovechkin available. Ok, maybe not quite, because the Pens have a way deeper talent pool, but seriously… trade Crosby?!

The only other thing is still the Pronger crap, I am not gonna talk about it, I’ve talked about it already. And it is currently getting slowly poked to death on every sports channel, and sports website out there. And just the fact that we have nothing better to talk about, is pissin’ me off!



Update On Pronger and other Stuff

Douchebag Chris Pronger has been suspended 8 games by the NHL for his stomping on Kesler. In my mind, thats not enough, it doesn’t even take him out for the remainder of the season. It is not a big surprise however. As I mentioned in my last post, Pronger recieves a special treatment, considering he has been suspended 8 teams through-out his 14 year NHL career, 3 times in the past year. They should have taken him out for the duration of the season and play-offs. I think that would have been adequete.

Crosby is going to out for a week nursing his ankle. Apparently it is pretty sore, so they Pens are obviously wanted to save him for play-offs. If the Pens are capable of getting healthy, they have a shot at winning the East, because as of right now it seems like its pretty wide open, and available for the taking.

 Sundin as of right now is listed as day-to-day with a sore groin, and it is unknown if he will play tonight. With the play-off implications the game against Buffalo has, I would bet on him playing, even if he plays 10-14 minutes, rather then he usual near 20 min. Leafs could just use him for faceoffs, because he is key for the Leafs there, and has shown it by taking more faceoffs than anyone else in the league.


Crosby Returns To Lineup and Forsberg To Make Debut

It is a very big night for a lot of teams in the NHL tonight, but for two teams it slightly different. Pittsburgh and Colorado are both getting stars inserted  into their line-ups tonight, but I think it might be a bigger boost for the Avs.



The Avalanche, fresh off of receiving news that Marek Svatos and Ryan Smyth are both out indefinitely after Saturday’s win over the Kings. Tonight however, there will be a new-ish face to their lineup when Peter Forsberg makes his debut. Now, I do not think his return to the NHL will be enough to push the Avalanche back into a play-off spot, but with his leadership and the emotional boost he will provide might be enough to get them close.

Personally, I don’t think Foppa will even finish the season. He has admitted that his ankle, or as I like to call it, his glasskle, has been killing him since he re-joined the Avs. Unless there is something I am missing, his history has shown that he ankle is a piece of shit, and that it is not dependable. I am somewhat shocked he can still walk.

The Penguins on the other hand are getting their captain back. Sid the Kid has been out since he slid into he end boards awkwardly 21 games ago. No doubt that having Crosby in the line-up will make the Pens a better team, but here is my question. Who is going to play on the top line?

Do you move Malkin back to the second line, do you put Crosby on the second line, or do you just throw them both on the first line? There is no doubt that Malkin is having a Hart worthy season, especially since Crosby’s absence, but lets be honest, Crosby is the Kid. He is the guy that is under a long term contract, he is the guy that everyone talks about when you mention the Penguins. But do you demote the guy that has carried this team into Eastern Conference contention, or do you bring Sid back slowly? Whatever coach decides to do, its a nice predicament to be in!


Canadiens Putting Hopes With Rookie Goalie: Part 3 & Hossa Hurts His Knee


Everyone knows that Canadien’s GM, Bob Gainey dropped a bomb on the hockey world they other day when he traded his Number 1 All-Star goalie, and therefore putting the teams season on the shoulders of rookie, Carey Price. Gainey has a serious love affair with Price. He drafted him way high than he was expected to go, and now this. Gainey is a smart hockey man, and I am sure he knows what he is doing.

Carey Price, who I think is making a solid case for the Calder so far this season, says he is ready to step in and be “that guy” for the Habs. He is insanely cool under pressure, and he has the skills to back it up, that was evident when he helped Canada win the World Juniors. But we have to honest, everyone was shocked when Huet (pronounced Whuo-ette or something like that now,) was traded.

If there is one team that can ride a rookie to a championship though, it is the Habs. They did with Ken Dryden back in the day, and then proceeded to do it again with Patrick Roy.

Can they do it again though? I would highly doubt it. Granted the Canadiens are making a solid push in the East right now, I just find it hard to believe that any Eastern team can knock off the powerhouse teams of the West.

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is going to be interesting to see how the rest of the season works out for Les Habitants. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on it, and the other thing that I’ll be watching, is who that 2nd draft pick turns out to be. I personally thought a guy like Huet could have garnered more than a 2nd rounder, but then again, the Ducks gave Bryzgalov away for free.


Marian Hossa sprained his MCL tonight in a 5-1 loss to the Boston Bruins. Wow, that deal is looking greater by the minute. This does suck for the Penguins though, but I kind of find myself not feeling bad for them. Hopefully he isn’t out too long, and then Sid the Kid can come back too, and we can see just how potent the Penguins will be, and if they have a legitimate shot at taking the East and getting their hands on the Holy Grail.

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