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I’ve been away….

… so I am going to ramble off on as much stuff that I can think of in the next 5 minutes. I hate the end of the semester, been wired for 3 days.

  1. Sean Avery is douche. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The “sloppy seconds” comment was too far. Sure that kind of stuff is said all the time within locker rooms, in fact much worse is said, but the key point is that they are said WITHIN the locker room. The way he did, it was completely premeditated, and the fact that he had the media gather around him, and he was acting (horribly by the way) was too much.
  2. Burkie is finally in Toronto. I am meh on this matter, I like the way he talks and handles the media. Although I am not sure that he is that good of a GM, I think he’s overrated a little, but what do I know. He has a cup, he did manage to bring Pronger and Niedermayer into Anaheim, sure it was dumb luck, but he did it. And to think Ferguson wouldn’t let go of Kaberle and Steen for Pronger. That’s ok, we got Stempniak out of Steen…
  3. Laviolette out, Maurice back in. What is this? A revolving door in Carolina? Should we expect Lavi to be head coach there again 3 years from now? I loved was Maurice was able to accomplish in his time in Toronto, it was his fault that JFJ can’t put together a decent roster.
  4. I love the McDonald’s commercials!

And thats all I can think of, I have to go to school now. Later


Pronger Let Off The Hook, Again

Chris ‘Douche-bag’ Pronger, as I like to call him, was at it again the other night. Pronger stomped, and when I say stomped, I really mean tried to step through, Kesler’s leg.

So Chris Simon got 30 games for doing the same thing earlier this season, so one would think that Pronger would get about the same number right? WRONG! Douche-bag gets ZERO! This makes total sense if you think about it, if they suspended Pronger, that would ultimately end his season, and that can’t happen, not to a star player. Elite players aren’t dirty, they aren’t cheap, they are the guys people watch to see, so they have to be in the line-up.

This morning, I pretty much ripped a blog because I thought he was a little off calling out the refs like he did. I did agree that the NHL favours some teams sometimes, but I thought this was just the fan in me, that thinks the NHL is always out to get certain teams. And then they have to pull a stunt like this off. I hate Pronger.

I don’t hate Pronger because he knocked up a reporter while playing in Edmonton, which in turn caused him to demand a trade because his wife made him. Nope, because I don’t like Edmonton either. I don’t hate Pronger because the gap in his teeth is about as wide as the gap in his stories. Nope, because I’ve been there. I don’t hate Pronger because he is a talented individual. Nope, because then I would hate the entire NHL. I hate Pronger because he receives preferential treatment, and one of these days he is going to seriously hurt someone, and the NHL will turn a blind eye.



JFJ figures the Leafs Should Be Selling…


John Ferguson Jr. told TSN today that if he were still in charge of the Toronto Maple Leafs, “the For Sale sign would be out.”

Eat shit, JFJ. You got the team into this mess really. You didn’t have to re-sign the entire team that didn’t make play-offs last season but you did. So while most of the other Eastern teams improved, you were happy with the status quo.

Shut up. And from now on, I promise I will never mention this douche bag in my articles, he’s pissed me off way too much and continues to do so.