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Brunnstrom Going To Leafs?

According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Fabian Brunnstrom is leaning towards joining the Maple Leafs after Vancouver GM Dave Nonis was fired. Apparently Brunnstrom, the 23 year-old Swede, is trying to choose between a couple of teams, but has narrowed it down to two; the Red Wings and the Leafs.

Brunnstrom is thinking that the Red Wings are just too deep up front for him to get decent ice time, but with the Leafs appearing to be heading towards a rebuild, the Leafs would be capable of giving Brunnstrom more opportunity to play.

Brunnstrom is an offensively gifted forward with a decent scoring touch. A speedy skater with soft hands and good technical skills. He combines speed and stickhandling in an impressive way. Hockey sense is pretty good and he is also strong physically with a good attitude. (Elite Prospects)


Play-off Beards Starting to Show & Nonis

With just under a week having gone by in the NHL’s post-season, the beards are starting to show. While some guys can grow a decent beard overnight or have had one all season long, others take a little longer to get going. Case in point, Sid the Kid.

It might be a little difficult to see from that picture but I think you get the point. I first noticed his little perv stache when he was being interviewed about Avery’s antics the other night, and now when I go the the TSN website… there it is staring me in the face.

If at all possible, when the Pens line up in Ottawa tomorrow and attempt to sweep the Sens, try to get a good glimpse of his perviness.

Nonis Fired

Admittedly this isn’t big news at all, but the one thing that is continually being left out of this story is Swedish star Fabian Brunnstrom. Reports were coming out that Brunnstrom had given his agent a list of 6 teams that he was willing to play for, and the Canucks were at the very top of that list with Nonis being a huge factor in that decision. Apparently, Brunnstrom liked the direction that Nonis was taking the team into and he wanted to be a part of that… however, now that Nonis is gone, what does thacrt mean for Brunnstrom and the Canucks? I believe that because of the Nonis firing, Brunnstrom won’t be as willing to head to the west coast, and will instead go to Detroit… a team that continually just keeps getting better without losing their core and prospect pool.


Who In The Hell, Is Fabian Brunnstrom?


You may be wondering who the hell this Fabian Brunnstrom guy is if you haven’t heard of him already. Well Brunnstrom is the next big prospect to come out of Sweden. What makes him so different however, is the fact that he is turning 23 tomorrow, and has been overlooked in the draft and is now considered to be an Unrestricted Free Agent. So basically any team in the NHL is free to sign him.

Now many may also be wondering if this Fabian dude is that good. This season, while played with Farjestad of the Swedish Elite League, he has tallied 33 points in 42 games. Now that might not seem like a lot to North Americans, but if I am not mistaken, the SEL doesn’t give out 2 assists on goals, rather they only give out 1. (This is hard for me to confirm, seeing as I have yet to master reading Swedish.) Here is a link to his profile on Elite Prospects.

So since there are roughly 20 teams that are interested in this guy, its easy to say that he has talent. A few teams have already went overseas in an attempt to wine and dine him. Including the Flyers and Canucks. But since he is a free agent, what’s stopping teams to sign him right now, much like Selanne and Cujo. Well the difference with Brunnstrom is that if he were to sign right now, the team would have to put him through waivers in order to complete the signing, allowing any team to claim him off. No one is willing to take that chance, so come the end of the season, the Brunnstrom sweepstakes are going to be a hotter topic than whether Selanne and Neidermayer are actually going to stay retired.

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