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Toronto Is In Calgary tonight…

and I am lucky enough to go! Toronto is finally in Western Canada for the first time in 3 years, and facing Calgary for the first time in 2 years.

I paid a pretty penny for these tickets, so once again hopefully I see a good game, but once again I have my reservations. Toronto is coming off a huge 6-3 rout of the hated Habs, while the Flames are coming off their own rout, except it was them who got manhandled by the Hawks. For this reason, I’m not expecting a win from the Blue and White. The Flames will probably want to come out flying in order to get passed their showing on Sunday, meanwhile the Leafs will probably come out flat-footed after their huge win.

The only saving grace for the Leafs could be this single fact. Toronto is 3rd in the league averaging 35.2 shots per game,  while Kipper’s SV% is 0.888. So the Maple Leafs should score at least 4 goals tonight, and since the Flames average 2.94 Goals Per Game, this should be a win for Toronto.

Depends what school of thought you belong to I guess.


Last Night’s Preds/Flames Game

Wow, that was unexpected, especially if you read my previous posting. There are a bunch of things that I want to write about last night’s game, so I will start and in no particular order.

  • The Score: Holy crap! I would have been happy to see like 6 or so pucks put away, but 13? First of all, the Flames came out flying, or so it seemed, because I still haven’t decided if it was the Flames or if it was the Preds that came out so flat. One thing is for sure though, its a good thing the Flames played one good period and got away to such a big lead, otherwise they would have been routed.
  • Leads me to my next point quite nicely. The tending was horrid last night. First, Renne allows 4 goals on 10 shots, no wonder he got the hook, “Thanks for the night off!” says Ellis. Second, Kipper. I’ve said it before about him, I think he’s overrated, especially as the league’s highest paid goalie. Don’t get me wrong, on nights that he is on, he’s one of the best, but then again, all goalies in the NHL are like that. It just seems to me that Kipper has had one stellar season and since then, he hasn’t had the same swagger. Third, Ellis. Well he just didn’t impress me that much, but hell, it was his night off.
  • The refs. I thought they did a splendid job. Maybe a miss on the Penalty Shot. Granted I don’t know the ins and outs of the NHL Rulebook, but I was under the impression that if the shooter got away a decent chance he shouldn’t get a penalty shot. Aucoin did clearly hook the guy, but he still had a chance to come in, make a move and get a shot off, all he needed to do was get it up and he would have scored. Maybe the refs were just trying to make it interesting.
  • The Calgary Flames fans. I have this theory that all the fans that the Flames have, just started watching hockey 4-5 years ago, just soon after the Flames got made into a decent team. “Why,” you may ask. Well, its simple. They are dumb and have no hockey sense. If they knew anything, they would know that Dion probably ran his mouth off to get his back-to-back Unsportsmanlike penalties, the officials don’t just give those out for no reason. They wouldn’t cheer when the linesmen get knocked down or are almost struck by an errant puck, especially when its the other refs they are made at. (Note: The ones with those red stripes on their arms, they call the penalties and for the most part control the flow of the game.)

Anyways there was going to be more, but I am running out of time. Oh, one last thing! After a thorough discussion with my buddy, we’ve come to the conclusion that the right call was made, or wasn’t made I guess, when the Preds appeared to have Too Many Men. It was an errant puck that struck a player, and he made no attempt to play it.


Caps at Flames Last Night

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Calgary’s game last, and I was so stoked. My first chance to see the high-flying Capitals live… and what a disappointment! Yes, Ovechkin showed what a talented and dynamic player he is with a couple between the leg dekes, but other than that, I am glad I didn’t have to pay for the tickets!

I have a few points that I want to bring up, and they pretty much all have to do with how disorientated I think Flames’ fans are. After the game, as we’re driving back, we were listening the FAN 960 and their thoughts on the game, and then the phone-in portion of the show. Everyone thought that the Flames played a tremendous game, and that this is the kind of hockey that is going to get them places. But, let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

  1. Flames went one for nine on the power play. 1 FOR 9! They also failed to score on 4 separate 5-on-3s (granted out of those they were only actually up two men for approximately 4 minutes, but still.) Their one power play goal was on a giveaway, as the Caps failed to clear the zone, and Iggy just intercepted it and shot a knuckler past Theodore. They other goal the Flames managed to score, came just seconds after their PP had expired, yet everyone failed to notice that the Flames had just spent 20 seconds running around their own end defending the Capitals PK unit. At no point did the Flames seem to even set up in the opposing zone, because they have no set up, their PP set-up is, pass the puck to Dion and he’ll one-time it.
  2. Did Keenan forget to teach the Flames how to break-out of their own end this year? I don’t think I saw them managed to break out cleanly once last night, and the majority of their passes were off target or getting picked off. This also explained why Langkow almost got his head knocked off when he was trying to pick up that Suicide Pass. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Why does every big hit have to result in someone getting jumped? I understand that Bourque was protecting his teammate, but how’s this for an idea of protecting your teammate… don’t pass the puck up his ass. Side note: The 9 minute penalty was called correctly, and he deserved it.
  4. Kipper. Oh Kipper. You got first star last night, actually managed to only allow one goal, which brings your GAA to 342.4 and SV% to 0.730. Okay, exaggerations I know, but at the start of the game, its good thing the Capitals shot wide 5 times because you were sliding around like you were in a mud wrestling match. I think you’re overrated, and have only had one solid season, all the others you have ridden a hockey team that should be much better.
  5. Pries and I figured out how it was humanly possible for Bertuzzi to play 25 minutes last night… the Flames play at half speed, therefore allowing Bert to play twice as much because he only expending half the energy. I don’t know whether it was the Caps’ speed or the Flames’ lack thereof, but man, were they ever slow going through the neutral zone. This may also explain the terrible break-out I mentioned on point 2.

So there you have it Flames’ fans… if you want to consider your team a Stanley Cup contender, you better hope that the Flames figure some shit out, because if they keep playing like last night, and that was their best effort, I’d hope for an early spring.

P.S. Calgary was out-shot, even with the 9 PP chances, how does that make sense?


Top Ten Facial Hair In Hockey

In lue of the play-offs being just around the corner, I got a little excited at the thought of the play-off beard. That eventually got me into thinking about some of the best beards in hockey, and then I just started thinking of facial hair in hockey, so I thought I would try to make a list, so here goes, starting at number 10:

10.) Bob Kelly:

images.jpeg This is just a nice little 80’s ‘stache, I think it matches his hair quite nicely.

9.) Don Cherry:

images1.jpeg Don has been rocking this manicured goatee for as long as I can remember.

8.) Bill McCreary:

images2.jpeg “Yes Officer McCreary…” Once McCreary retires, he could easily find a job with some State Troopers.

7.) Rob & Scott Niedermayer

images3.jpeg Way to make mommy proud fellows. Them are some full beards, I believe Scott’s won him the coveted Chuck Norris Playoff Beard Award.

6.) Bret Hedican

images4.jpeg I believe this one captured the 2006 Chuck Norris Playoff Beard Award.

5.) Lanny MacDonald

images5.jpeg I’ve begun to think that Lanny super-glues a mustache wig to his face, that sweet piece of hair hasn’t changed in 30 years!

4.) Darren McCarty

images6.jpeg That… is… just… gross. It kind of looks like something died on his chin. His concerts must have been nuts!

3.) Scott Parker

images7.jpeg He just looks mean. That beard is probably used to cushion punches or something, but in all honesty, this picture doesn’t do it justice. I think his beard is down to his chest right now.

2.) George Parros

images8.jpeg Ok, I know most people would have the porn stache at #1, but because there really isn’t much facial hair, its #2. Parros is going to double in a 70s porno at some point in time, they could impose his stache on there.

And, finally the honour goes to…

1.) Mike Commodore

images9.jpeg Not a lot needs to be said about this one. Take note however, that Mike’s beard is 2 for 2 in playoffs, both time having reach the Stanley Cup Finals. He, and Sens Nation hopes it works its magic again.

Honourable Mentions

There are a couple other ones out there that might deserve a shot to be in here some where, but I thought these were better. The 3 that I think deserve a mention are

  • Mikka Kiprusoff, if his beard wasn’t buried under his mask all season then maybe.
  • Bryan McCabe, if you remember that gnarly handlebar mustache he was rocking earlier this season, sadly he shaved it off.
  • Peter Forsberg, has another one of those manicured goatees, that he’s been sporting since about 1993.

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Quick Hits Including the Leafs, Flames & more


The Leafs are Morons

Now I know this is no surprise, but why they continue to think the play-offs are within their reach is beyond me. Mathematically, yes, they have a shot. But realistically? Come on!

Play the young guys that will actually be here next season, I’d even stretch as far as saying to bring up Pogge and play him, put Raycroft in the rafters, and just give the guy some big time experience, what do they have to lose?

  • A play-off spot? Nope, they aren’t making it anyway!
  • Revenues? Nope, hate them or love them, the Leafs will sell out the ACC, its a corporate thing to do in Toronto.
  • Fans? Nope, Leaf fans bleed blue to the point that is out of control, like the Ice Man.

Anderson Shines Again

I hope I am not the only one that is noticing this guy right now. Not that Craig Anderson is a young prospect in the rising or anything. Considering he has been part of 4 NHL franchises already to this point of his career. But to make 53 saves for a shutout and then come out the next game and make 40 saves for a second one in a row is amazing.

Would it be so amazing if Brodeur did that? Not really, I’m sure he’s had two consecutive shutouts in the past, but he plays for the New Jersey Devils. If he had to face 93 shots over the span of 4 games that would be amazing, let alone 2.

Kipper Saves The Day

The Flames cannot be satisfied with the way they played against the Blue Jackets, especially Phaneuf.

Dion should be buying Kipper a case of beer for bailing him out last night. Four 2 minute minors for the defenseman, and one of those came in the last 2 minutes of a 1-0 game.

The Flames were undisciplined all game, and they better shape up for the stretch drive and for play-offs, because if they take nights off like this, they’ll fall out of contention for the Northwest Division quickly, and won’t make it out of the first round.

Ovechkin Looks To Build On 5-point Night

Is Alexander Ovechkin going to score 5 points again tonight? I doubt it. Facing the Sabres who are probably starting to get desperate and are going to have some momentum after last night’s 5-2 win over the Flyers.

This game is huge. Easily the biggest of the night. Two teams currently sitting 1 point (Buffalo) and 4 points (Washington) out of a play-off spot. It has huge implications and it is going to show which team truely deserves to be there, and you can bet that the Sabres are going to be all over Ovie. He won’t be skating in off the point to the back side wide open like he did against Boston. And on that note, are you effin’ kidding me?!

Shame On The Bruins

You on a 6 game winning streak, so you decide to not show up to the rink? 6-0 after one period? The entire team should be buying both Alex Auld and Tim Thomas some beers to say, “Sorry, we effed up.”

Letting Ovechkin skate around the offensive zone like that, hope they weren’t too settled into that play-off spot!


Cujo’s Return To NHL: Coming Soon?

Curtis Joseph

After Curtis Joseph’s showing at the Spengler Cup earlier this year, his return to the NHL appears to be on the verge. According to some source that TSN has, Cujo has narrowed it down to two teams. The Calgary Flames and the San Jose Sharks.

Starting with the Flames, I am somewhat confused. If Joseph wants to play in the NHL, Calgary is not the place to go, Mikka Kiprusoff will see nearly every game from here on out. The most Cujo will see, will be a hockey game from the bench. Barring an injury to Kipper or that Kipper gets pulled, (which Keenan has done quite a few times this season, so who knows.)

Next, San Jose. I would imagine that the Sharks know this better than anybody, but they have an All-Star goalie standing in front of the twine. And as with Kipper, Nabakov is going to see most of the workload for the Sharks, probably not as much as Kipper mind you.

So it appears that Cujo is setting himself up for a back-up job, which I am sure he is aware of, but why wouldn’t he go to a team that he could perhaps wind up starting some hockey games. All Cujo is looking for in my opinion, is a chance at winning another cup by riding the pine. He could go to Tampa Bay, where they need a tender, but who wants to play for the team in last place? Cujo is being selfish, trying to win a cup, without doing any work and sitting on the bench for half a season.

Curtis, call it a career already. You had a solid one so far, but your last few seasons are kind of putting a scuff on that career. 446 Wins in 913 Games Played. Considering you played for the Oilers in the late 90s, and for the Blues in the early 90s. Phoenix for the last couple seasons.

Call it a day, find a nice front office job, maybe get a goaltender coaching gig. Be the veteran guy, and teach the guys that half your age how to do it while wearing a track suit, rather then taking their jobs and sitting on the bench in full equipment.

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