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Luongo’s Predicament


I am sure most of you know what is going if you pay any attention to this man, Roberto Luongo, but if you don’t, I’ll attempt to give you a quickie lesson.

Luongo’s wife is currently living in Florida, which is about as far away from Vancouver as things could get in the NHL. Now at first glance this wouldn’t seem to be such an issue… NHLers deal with this situation all the time. However, Luongo’s wife, Gina, is just about ready to give birth to their first child. She is due in early April and it about ready to pop. So Luongo’s predicament is pretty easy to see. Leave the Canucks, who are fighting for their play-off lives, and go be with your family and wife when she gives birth. Or you skip the birth, and play with the Canucks and try to help them make playoffs, and if you do play them out.

Now, fans are outraged at Luongo because he is not planning on missing the birth. There is a plan laid out for Luongo to board a private jet and fly to Florida when the time comes for the baby. These “fans” are pissed because he is putting his family first. They are pissed because he apparently can’t count 9 months out, and plan to have his children in the off-season. Here are a few quotes from and their story of the Luongo situation:

How much of Luongo’s salary is he giving back when he leaves for the birth of his child?Pretty environmentally sensitive to fly a private jet to Florida with one person on it.Thousands of working men around the world miss the birth of their children due to work commitments,I hope he appreciates the luxury he’s afforded.And if it causes them to miss the playoffs??

I am sooooooo sick of women and their nagging politically correctness. My mother, and grandmother did just fine without men in the delivery room and have also said that they did not want them there. Until Roberto is the one having the baby, he should be playing. If he wants a job as a birthing cheerleader, I think they make about $25 per kid. Want that paycut? I did not think so. His wife doesn’t like it? OK, then she better start looking for work after a couple of months. Shut up and play.

Sorry I can’t agree with Time Off . 7 million a year ,the fans paying night after night. Life is important but he has taken on the responsibility and must commit to it. Missing 1 game to be with her, yes but that’s it.

These guys are effin’ ridiculous. Personally, I have no children, so I am not in a position to use my life as an example, but I like to think that once, when I have children, I plan on being there and nothing in the world would keep me from being there, especially my first born. Any other job, men take a paternal leave to be there, so just because he is an all-world athlete, he is not allowed to do that because his “fans” can’t bear to leave him be a family man? If you don’t agree with me, then I don’t know what to say to you, but you are being selfish. There is no way on earth that you can go around calling Luongo selfish, if you think he shouldn’t leave, because you are scared of your favourite team to miss playoffs!



Quick Hits:Lecavalier, MVP, Oil, and Injured Hab

A few quick thoughts before I head to work tonight, and just before HNIC goes on-air.

Lecavalier Out Of World Championships

Vincent Lecavalier is going to find out soon if he will require off-season surgery on an ongoing wrist injury. Although the injury has not kept him from ripping the league up again, and being one of the premiere players, it has been bothering him and he will have it checked out. Even if he does not need to get the surgery, his agent has told the media that it is doubtful that Lecavalier will play for Team Canada. Although there has been talk of if players sit out of the Worlds their chances for making the 2010 Olympic team would be diminished, I doubt that would be the case with this guy. There is no way that he would not be considered for the Olympic team just because he sits out of a tourney 1 and a half years prior.

My Picks For MVP

Yesterday I wrote that I did not think Ovechkin should win the Hart Trophy if the Capitals do not make the post-season. After thinking about overnight (read last 3.5 minutes) I have come into a short-list of candidates. These candidates however are completely dependent on whether their respective team makes the play-offs, and their teams are currently in playoff contention.

  • Joe Thornton –  Could easily earn another one after his 06 Hart.
  • Alexei Kovalev -This kills me, just because his last few seasons have been sub-par, but he is having an excellent season.
  • Roberto Luongo – Let’s face it, without him, the Canucks would be a lot like the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Martin Brodeur – Has carried the Devils on his back throughout the season. Heck, Weekes got an ovation when he made a save in his 2 minutes of action the other night.
  • Evgeni Malkin – In the absence of some Crosby guy, he has stepped up and led the Penguins into the division lead and in a battle for the conference lead.

Edmonton Oilers Won’t Go Away

After this afternoon’s scoring festival against the Avalanche, the Edmonton Oilers have scraped themselves 3 points outside of 8th place, and if they continue their winning ways, they have a shot. I strongly believe that the Oilers will make play-offs. They are playing better than most teams right now, are actually somewhat consistent, and are only getting better. The other bonus to them winning, is that with every win, they piss of the Ducks. There is no reason for them to try an get into a better draft position, so they literally have nothing to lose.

Mike Komisarek’s Mystery Injury

The playoffs are clearly just around the corner, because Komisarek went down the all too common “Lower Body Injury.” As a fan, I hate that teams do this upper/lower body crap when it comes to injuries in the playoffs. But it does make sense, because when it comes to winning the Cup teams will take any advantage they can get, so if they know that Komisarek has a sprained knee, there is no doubt that that knee would be targeted by opposing teams.


Luongo Skipping All-Star Game!

Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks announced that although he has been voted in as a starter for this years All-Star Game, he is going to pass on it.

Luongo told the media, that his reason for skipping on the weekend spectacle was because he would rather take the time off to go see his wife in Florida, as she is expecting to give birth.

Pardon me? You’re skipping the All-Star weekend, because you are a expecting a child? Who do you think you are? You were voted in by the fans, and you slap them in face by telling us you aren’t going to go? You know what I think of you Roberto?!

Good For You!!

Seriously, good on you! Over the course of the season, playing in the Northwest Division, with the schedule the way it is, the Canucks have only had one road trip into the Southeast, other than that, Luongo has been traveling all over America, and the only time he gets off is the off-season, the holidays, and the All-Star Game. So over the course of a year, he get about 3 months off, and during that time, he’s training trying to get ready for the next season. It’s a surprise that he even managed to find the time off, in order to.. well you know, do the deed.

Besides, Luongo plays virtually every game anyways. He is probably going to start about 75 games in the regular season, and then he is going to be expected to carry the load in the play-offs, so he could use a week-end off. And when you look at his stats, 1.96 GAA, .930 Save Percentage, 20 Wins in 35 Games Played! On a team that isn’t that talented from top-to-bottom, not to mention the injuries in the Canuck defence… he does work for it, and he is an All-Star, and everyone knows it.

So take the week-end, visit your wife, be there if the child is born. Besides, that week-end is a waste of time, who even watches the All-Star Game?