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Update on Brodeur

He’s out. 3-4 Months. Needs surgery on his bicep. Won’t be breaking Roy’s record anytime soon. I’m upset. I really wanted him to break it before Roy’s jersey retirement in Montreal. New Jersey is now in serious trouble. Don’t really care about the Devils, just about Marty. This sucks and I don’t want to talk about it.


Brodeur Out With…. Bruised Elbow?

I’ve talked about this once before, and I can promise that I’ll complain about it time and time again. I hate the way teams are so “specific” when it comes to disclosing injuries.

Martin Brodeur being the lastest… because as of right now, he is sidelined with what is being called a “bruised elbow.” Let’s be honest, it has to be more than just a bruised elbow, if he’s going to undergo MRIs and get X-rays taken. If I had a bruised elbow, I would still be out there playing, and I play shinny. A bruised elbow is not enough to keep a star player, a competitor, a legend that is seven wins away from being the winningest goalie in the best hockey league in the world, out of action. Why can’t the Devils just say that he has an injured elbow, and they are unsure of the extent of the injury until more tests are done? There I just said it, was that so hard?

Apparently though, the NHL doesn’t have to be specific at all, unlike the NFL. According to Darren Dreger of TSN, and he usually knows what he’s talking about, the difference has everything to do with gambling. Because there is so much money wagered on NFL games, the league pretty much has to fully disclose a player’s injury, meanwhile the NHL doesn’t because nobody but Ric Tocchet and Gretzky’s wife bet on hockey… oh wait, Pete Rose probably does too.


Martin Brodeur vs. Patrick Roy

With only 9 wins seperating Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur as the NHL’s winningest goalie, the debate about which tender is the greatest is sure to rage on. So… Let it rage.

Roy currently holds the record with 551 wins, is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, has won many NHL awards including the Conn Smythe 3 of the 4 times he has won the Cup. He also has his number retired by the Colorado Avalanche and is due to have his number 33 retired by the Montreal Canadiens on November 22nd. His 551 wins came in 1029 games for a winning percentage of 0.535 while posting a GAA 2.53 with a SV% of 0.910. His post-season total of 151 wins in 247 games for a percentage of 0.611 with a  GAA 2.30 and a SV% of 0.900, proof that his game elevated during the Spring Season.

Brodeur is fast approching Roy’s record with 542 wins, he is a lock for the Hall, also winning many NHL awards, not including the Conn Smythe however. He will for surely have his number retired by the New Jersey Devils upon his retirement from the game. His 542 wins have come in 973 games for a percentage 0.557, posting a 2.19 GAA and a SV% of 0.914.  His post-season totals of 95 wins in 169 games for a percentage of 0.562 and a GAA of 1.96 with a SV% of 0.922, indicating he would also elevate his play for the play-offs.

So I’ll be honest I hate Roy, and if this was completely open to opinion I would say that Brodeur is a better goalie just because I hate Roy. However, this debate isn’t just based on opinion. Marty has posted better stats in his career, both in play-offs and regular season, but one has to keep in mind that these guys did playing a portion of their careers in slightly different eras. Roy broke in during the high flying 80s, while Marty didn’t break in until the Clutch-and-Grab 90s. The other glaring difference that one has to consider, is the fact that Roy has won three Conn Smythes. This, I think, is because he had to stand on his head much more than Brodeur ever had to. Brodeur did what was expected of him, which was still a lot, but everyone is always so used to him being the best player on the ice, that I think his performances didn’t seem as stellar.

While this is a tough call, I pick Brodeur because I hate Roy. And to top it all off, just because I hate Roy so much, I hope Brodeur breaks his record before Roy’s retirement party, just so that they can’t retire his number whilst calling him, “The Winningest Goalie of All-Time.” Oh, and by the way… Brodeur, barring any injuries has more than enough games to play to do it too.


Quick Hits Including the Leafs, Flames & more


The Leafs are Morons

Now I know this is no surprise, but why they continue to think the play-offs are within their reach is beyond me. Mathematically, yes, they have a shot. But realistically? Come on!

Play the young guys that will actually be here next season, I’d even stretch as far as saying to bring up Pogge and play him, put Raycroft in the rafters, and just give the guy some big time experience, what do they have to lose?

  • A play-off spot? Nope, they aren’t making it anyway!
  • Revenues? Nope, hate them or love them, the Leafs will sell out the ACC, its a corporate thing to do in Toronto.
  • Fans? Nope, Leaf fans bleed blue to the point that is out of control, like the Ice Man.

Anderson Shines Again

I hope I am not the only one that is noticing this guy right now. Not that Craig Anderson is a young prospect in the rising or anything. Considering he has been part of 4 NHL franchises already to this point of his career. But to make 53 saves for a shutout and then come out the next game and make 40 saves for a second one in a row is amazing.

Would it be so amazing if Brodeur did that? Not really, I’m sure he’s had two consecutive shutouts in the past, but he plays for the New Jersey Devils. If he had to face 93 shots over the span of 4 games that would be amazing, let alone 2.

Kipper Saves The Day

The Flames cannot be satisfied with the way they played against the Blue Jackets, especially Phaneuf.

Dion should be buying Kipper a case of beer for bailing him out last night. Four 2 minute minors for the defenseman, and one of those came in the last 2 minutes of a 1-0 game.

The Flames were undisciplined all game, and they better shape up for the stretch drive and for play-offs, because if they take nights off like this, they’ll fall out of contention for the Northwest Division quickly, and won’t make it out of the first round.

Ovechkin Looks To Build On 5-point Night

Is Alexander Ovechkin going to score 5 points again tonight? I doubt it. Facing the Sabres who are probably starting to get desperate and are going to have some momentum after last night’s 5-2 win over the Flyers.

This game is huge. Easily the biggest of the night. Two teams currently sitting 1 point (Buffalo) and 4 points (Washington) out of a play-off spot. It has huge implications and it is going to show which team truely deserves to be there, and you can bet that the Sabres are going to be all over Ovie. He won’t be skating in off the point to the back side wide open like he did against Boston. And on that note, are you effin’ kidding me?!

Shame On The Bruins

You on a 6 game winning streak, so you decide to not show up to the rink? 6-0 after one period? The entire team should be buying both Alex Auld and Tim Thomas some beers to say, “Sorry, we effed up.”

Letting Ovechkin skate around the offensive zone like that, hope they weren’t too settled into that play-off spot!


“Nice Try, No-Goalov!”


So with today being Super Bowl Sunday, and the New England Patriots having a decent season, there isn’t much focus on the NHL today. So what is today good for other than that football game? Commercials. So in light of that, I thought I would just talk about one of my favourite commercials right now, (before it gets replaced by some witty beer commercial today.)

“Nice try, No-goalov.” “Glovely!” Haha, I freaking love it. What makes it better is the fact that they gave that guy a mean-ass french accent. Its no secret that many of the NHL’s elite tenders are from Quebec. Hell, Luongo and Brodeur are from the same neighbourhood! I just love this commercial.

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