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I’ve been away….

… so I am going to ramble off on as much stuff that I can think of in the next 5 minutes. I hate the end of the semester, been wired for 3 days.

  1. Sean Avery is douche. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The “sloppy seconds” comment was too far. Sure that kind of stuff is said all the time within locker rooms, in fact much worse is said, but the key point is that they are said WITHIN the locker room. The way he did, it was completely premeditated, and the fact that he had the media gather around him, and he was acting (horribly by the way) was too much.
  2. Burkie is finally in Toronto. I am meh on this matter, I like the way he talks and handles the media. Although I am not sure that he is that good of a GM, I think he’s overrated a little, but what do I know. He has a cup, he did manage to bring Pronger and Niedermayer into Anaheim, sure it was dumb luck, but he did it. And to think Ferguson wouldn’t let go of Kaberle and Steen for Pronger. That’s ok, we got Stempniak out of Steen…
  3. Laviolette out, Maurice back in. What is this? A revolving door in Carolina? Should we expect Lavi to be head coach there again 3 years from now? I loved was Maurice was able to accomplish in his time in Toronto, it was his fault that JFJ can’t put together a decent roster.
  4. I love the McDonald’s commercials!

And thats all I can think of, I have to go to school now. Later


“Nice Try, No-Goalov!”


So with today being Super Bowl Sunday, and the New England Patriots having a decent season, there isn’t much focus on the NHL today. So what is today good for other than that football game? Commercials. So in light of that, I thought I would just talk about one of my favourite commercials right now, (before it gets replaced by some witty beer commercial today.)

“Nice try, No-goalov.” “Glovely!” Haha, I freaking love it. What makes it better is the fact that they gave that guy a mean-ass french accent. Its no secret that many of the NHL’s elite tenders are from Quebec. Hell, Luongo and Brodeur are from the same neighbourhood! I just love this commercial.