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NHL Play-Offs: Round Two

Alright, so as I’ve found out, doing this, following the post-season, and writing finals all at the same time is harder then I thought, but with one final to go… I should be able to balance it out better. Onto the play-offs!

First Round Review

  • Eastern Conference
    • MON vs. BOS: I chose Montreal in 5, and figured they would walk right through this series… MON took it in 7 and Price had two bad games, which I think are outshined by his two shut-outs.
    • PIT vs. OTT: I called Pittsburgh in 6, claiming that the Sens were the biggest chokers in recent history… well I was right, the Sens are big chokers… bigger then I thought they were. PIT swept.
    • WAS vs. PHI: I picked Washington in 7, and they were one shot away from making that happen, but the Flyers persevered in 7.
    • NJ vs. NYR: I really thought Brodeur would carry the Devils through when I picked them in 6, didn’t really think that NYR would for the most part, manhandle the Devils in 5.
  • Western Conference
    • DET vs. NAS: I underestimated Ellis in this when I picked the Wings to sweep the Preds, but other than one wicked bounce… Ellis was spectacular,  but wasn’t enough to get the Preds through as they lost in 6.
    • SJ vs. CGY: I picked the Sharks in 7, and I feel as though they are lucky to have pulled it out after blowing a 3-0 lead in Game 3. But they did, and won in 7.
    • MIN vs. COL: I picked this one completely by guessing, and was biased because my Dad’s team are the Avs, so I chose them in 6, and low and behold, they won in 6.
    • ANA vs. DAL: I really thought that the experience of the Ducks would make it impossible for the Stars to win when I picked Ducks in 5… turns out Dallas won in 6, and the Ducks never had a chance!

So in the end, I finished with a 5-3 record and I called 2 of the 5 in the correct number of games. Not bad… but not good at the same time, hopefully the second round is better for me.

Second Round Predictions

  • Eastern Conference
    • MON vs. PHI: While Briere hauled ass in the 1st Round, he wasn’t playing against Komisarek, Markov, & Price. I expect his production to stall, and I believe the Habs too much depth and speed for the Flyers to handle. Canadiens in 6.
    • PIT vs. NYR: I was pulling for the Pens vs. Caps, because that would have just been epic, but now this. This is a completely different match-up for the Rangers, and while I under estimated their depth last round, I seriously doubt that they can bring it when they are forced to play defensively. Pittsburgh in 7.
  • Western Conference
    • DET vs. COL: Let’s call this one the “Senior Men’s Cup”. Colorado’s average age is 26.7 while the Wings clock in at 28.2; two of the oldest teams in the league. Still though, I think the wings pull it off and Theodore can’t keep playing like this… can he? Detroit in 6.
    • SJ vs. DAL: The Sharks could be tired after the physical series with the Flames, and the Stars disposed of the Ducks with ease. The Stars showed that they will not be intimidated and that they can apparently handle anything. Dallas in 7.

So there you have it, I am looking for a Montreal/Pittsburgh Eastern Final, and a Detroit/Dallas Western Final. Now I have to go back to studying.


Kovalchuk’s Hit On Rozsival Deserves Suspension

***NOTE: This was actually written before the suspension was handed out***

First things first I guess, you may as well check out the hit so here it is.

This is a dirty hit, that is from behind, and it is without question a hit that deserves a suspension. It is clearly from behind, and Michal Rozsival (New York Rangers) did not turn, his back was always to the play. To make it worse, Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers) jumped. And when I say jump, I mean it he might as well tried to leap-frog him. Looking at the reply, it almost looks like he gets himself about a foot off the ice. Kovalchuk received a 5 minute major and was also given a game misconduct. So dirty hit, with a massive charge, attempt to injure… suspension for sure, right?

Here is why I don’t think he will get suspended, and if he does, it will be one game at the most. Rozsival was not hurt on the play. He returned to the game after the first intermission once he was checked out by team doctors. The other main reason, is that Kovalchuk is a star player, who is the middle of a scoring race. The one thing the NHL does not want to do, is remove a star player, with the electricity that Kovalchuk has, from the game for a long period of time. Especially in a non-hockey market. You wouldn’t want those ratings to suck anymore right.

The other thing that creeps into my mind… is that this hit is similar to Randy Jones’ (Philadelphia Flyers) hit on Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins). Now Bergeron is out for the season, and Jones only got 2 games! No way in hell Kovalchuk gets anymore then that!