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Lundqvist signs, Simon’s Back, and Some Rumours

Ok, so since it doesn’t really seem like there is too many things of severe importance going on in the NHL right now, I thought I would just hit up some quick little topics.

Lundqvist Signs Extension


According to TSN, Henrik Lundqvist has signed a contract extension apparently worth 39.5 million over 6 years. That works out to about 6.58 million dollars per year. I think that’s pretty good considering that the Rangers would be terrible without Lundqvist, he is already considered to be one the leagues elite tenders, and at the age 25, he still has lots of time to improve. Not bad for a guy that was drafted 205th overall in 2000.

Leafs and Flames Talking Trades


Most notably, according to Eklund (which is probably complete shait then,) the Flames and Leafs are talking Mats Sundin for Kristian Huselius, and probably a few picks in there. Personally, I don’t mind the sounds of this trade. It is one of the more likely trade rumours I have heard surrounding Sundin, in that it makes some sense for both teams, but I would rather see some defense coming to Toronto.

There are some other talks involving Tanguay leaving Calgary, as almost everyone knows that he wants the hell out of town.

Chris Simon Back On Skates


Yup, Chris Simon of the New York Islanders, whose been suspended for awhile now, and on some sort of anger management program is back on skates and is going to fly to Toronto for the game on Thursday. Great this is just what the NHL needs. I wonder how long until Simon picks up his umpteenth suspension and the league finally decides to ban him for life. I can’t wait.

Caps Re-sign Fleischmann To Two-Year Contract



Realistically I don’t know who this guy is at all, the only reason I do is because of Eastside Hockey Manager. I ran the Caps for a few seasons, and the coaching staff told me that Fleischmann didn’t have the talent to succeed at this level. So I released him, and now the real Capitals just re-signed him. This proves that the coaching staff I had in place had no idea what they were talking about. Hence why I sucked for the most part.