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Sarich Delivers Hit of the Year

Yeah, that is high praise but I have reasoning. First off, take a look at the hit that the whole hockey world is, or at least should be talking about.

Obviously, if you been a hockey fan of any kind, you seen hits like this many of times. Guy skating up the ice, head is down, and a D-man just steps up and lays his shoulder into him. What makes this hit, the hit of the year in my opinion, is the timing.

The Flames were down 3-0 in a pivitol Game Three, had no mojo whatsoever, and the Sea of Red might as well of been sitting in a library they were so quiet. Then it happened. Sarich freaking nails Marleau, which incites a scrum and gets the crowd to their feet. Also, Calgary managed to get a power-play out of the ordeal leading to their first goal.

The Flames came back to win when it all looked so glim, and this win will propel them to win the series… and all because of this huge hit by Sarich. He may have single-handedly changed the Flames entire play-off fortunes.

P.S. Mad, MAD props to Marleau for getting right up and getting in the scrum. That’s leadership baby, and that’s playing the game!


Play-off Match-ups Decided & Predictions

Ok, so with my extended absence over, the NHL season is also over and the match-ups have been decided.

Eastern Conference

  • (1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (8) Boston Bruins – Montreal is going to take this without too much effort. Sorry Boston, but I don’t think you have a shot. Montreal in 5.
  • (2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (7) Ottawa Senators – First of all, could anyone have imagined that the Sens would be seventh in the conference at the end of the season? Because the Senators are the biggest chokers I’ve seen in the NHL, Penguins in 6.
  • (3) Washington Capitals vs. (6) Philadelphia Flyers – I think this is going the best series in the first round. Ovechkin just won’t be happy enough with just making the post-season, he is going to to carry this team through. Washington in 7.
  • (4) New Jersey Devils vs. (5) New York Rangers – Brodeur is going to single-handedly win these series. Sorry Pries, but the Rangers are ‘effed. Jersey in 6.

Western Conference

  • (1) Detroit Red Wings vs. (8) Nashville Predators – The grizzled and experienced Red Wings continue to be the top team in the league, it is unreal. The Red Wings are gonna waltz through the Predators. Wings sweep.
  • (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (7) Calgary Flames – Sorry Flame fans… But the Sharks are going to take this one. It won’t be easy though, the Flames are one of the grittiest teams in the league. Sharks in 7.
  • (3) Minnesota Wild vs. (6) Colorado Avalanche – This is a tough one… I realistically have no idea who is gonna win this one, so I am just gonna pick the Avs because they are my Dad’s team, and they used to be the Nordiques! Avalanche in 6.
  • (4) Anaheim Ducks vs. (5) Dallas Stars – Just because the Ducks finished 4th, doesn’t mean they can’t repeat. They are a better team than they were last year so they have a legit shot. Ducks win in 5.

There… now I just hope that I am right on half of them, because I could see myself screwing it up.


Cujo’s Return To NHL: Coming Soon?

Curtis Joseph

After Curtis Joseph’s showing at the Spengler Cup earlier this year, his return to the NHL appears to be on the verge. According to some source that TSN has, Cujo has narrowed it down to two teams. The Calgary Flames and the San Jose Sharks.

Starting with the Flames, I am somewhat confused. If Joseph wants to play in the NHL, Calgary is not the place to go, Mikka Kiprusoff will see nearly every game from here on out. The most Cujo will see, will be a hockey game from the bench. Barring an injury to Kipper or that Kipper gets pulled, (which Keenan has done quite a few times this season, so who knows.)

Next, San Jose. I would imagine that the Sharks know this better than anybody, but they have an All-Star goalie standing in front of the twine. And as with Kipper, Nabakov is going to see most of the workload for the Sharks, probably not as much as Kipper mind you.

So it appears that Cujo is setting himself up for a back-up job, which I am sure he is aware of, but why wouldn’t he go to a team that he could perhaps wind up starting some hockey games. All Cujo is looking for in my opinion, is a chance at winning another cup by riding the pine. He could go to Tampa Bay, where they need a tender, but who wants to play for the team in last place? Cujo is being selfish, trying to win a cup, without doing any work and sitting on the bench for half a season.

Curtis, call it a career already. You had a solid one so far, but your last few seasons are kind of putting a scuff on that career. 446 Wins in 913 Games Played. Considering you played for the Oilers in the late 90s, and for the Blues in the early 90s. Phoenix for the last couple seasons.

Call it a day, find a nice front office job, maybe get a goaltender coaching gig. Be the veteran guy, and teach the guys that half your age how to do it while wearing a track suit, rather then taking their jobs and sitting on the bench in full equipment.