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Schenn Sticking in T.O?

Kind of a slow newsday today, unless you want to hear more about Sundin and his maybe, maybe not dance again. But I don’t, and I really don’t want to even write about it, so I’ll have to write some other Maple Leafs stuff, because well, when in doubt, someone will care about Toronto.

So Luke Schenn. Lukey Luke. The Human Eraser. Should he stay, or should he go? I am torn on this one, completely, utterly torn. Part of me thinks that he should go down, but only because of contract purposes. If he stays, his contract obviously kicks in, meaning his entry-level will expire by the time he is 22, making him a RFA, and thus allowing him to reach UFA by the time he is like 25. If he goes back to Kelowna, well at least that buys the Leafs one more year, and let’s face it, Leafs aren’t going to win anytime soon.

Now, the other part. Luke’s development would be much greater if he stayed with the big club this season. He could go back to Kelowna and play 30 minutes per game, albeit against far inferior talent. Or he can stay in the Big Leagues, play 22 minutes per game against the best of the best. The biggest positive about Schenn going back to the WHL, would be his eligibility to play in the World Junior Tournament as a top-two defencemen.

So, as you see, I am completely torn and have no idea what should be done with a player of his calibre at such a young age. I just hope whatever desicion the Silver Fox and Ron Wilson come to, is the best desicion for Luke.