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Caps at Flames Last Night

I was lucky enough to get tickets to Calgary’s game last, and I was so stoked. My first chance to see the high-flying Capitals live… and what a disappointment! Yes, Ovechkin showed what a talented and dynamic player he is with a couple between the leg dekes, but other than that, I am glad I didn’t have to pay for the tickets!

I have a few points that I want to bring up, and they pretty much all have to do with how disorientated I think Flames’ fans are. After the game, as we’re driving back, we were listening the FAN 960 and their thoughts on the game, and then the phone-in portion of the show. Everyone thought that the Flames played a tremendous game, and that this is the kind of hockey that is going to get them places. But, let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

  1. Flames went one for nine on the power play. 1 FOR 9! They also failed to score on 4 separate 5-on-3s (granted out of those they were only actually up two men for approximately 4 minutes, but still.) Their one power play goal was on a giveaway, as the Caps failed to clear the zone, and Iggy just intercepted it and shot a knuckler past Theodore. They other goal the Flames managed to score, came just seconds after their PP had expired, yet everyone failed to notice that the Flames had just spent 20 seconds running around their own end defending the Capitals PK unit. At no point did the Flames seem to even set up in the opposing zone, because they have no set up, their PP set-up is, pass the puck to Dion and he’ll one-time it.
  2. Did Keenan forget to teach the Flames how to break-out of their own end this year? I don’t think I saw them managed to break out cleanly once last night, and the majority of their passes were off target or getting picked off. This also explained why Langkow almost got his head knocked off when he was trying to pick up that Suicide Pass. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Why does every big hit have to result in someone getting jumped? I understand that Bourque was protecting his teammate, but how’s this for an idea of protecting your teammate… don’t pass the puck up his ass. Side note: The 9 minute penalty was called correctly, and he deserved it.
  4. Kipper. Oh Kipper. You got first star last night, actually managed to only allow one goal, which brings your GAA to 342.4 and SV% to 0.730. Okay, exaggerations I know, but at the start of the game, its good thing the Capitals shot wide 5 times because you were sliding around like you were in a mud wrestling match. I think you’re overrated, and have only had one solid season, all the others you have ridden a hockey team that should be much better.
  5. Pries and I figured out how it was humanly possible for Bertuzzi to play 25 minutes last night… the Flames play at half speed, therefore allowing Bert to play twice as much because he only expending half the energy. I don’t know whether it was the Caps’ speed or the Flames’ lack thereof, but man, were they ever slow going through the neutral zone. This may also explain the terrible break-out I mentioned on point 2.

So there you have it Flames’ fans… if you want to consider your team a Stanley Cup contender, you better hope that the Flames figure some shit out, because if they keep playing like last night, and that was their best effort, I’d hope for an early spring.

P.S. Calgary was out-shot, even with the 9 PP chances, how does that make sense?


Crazy Hab Fans

First off, let me just say that I have lived in Quebec, and just outside of Montreal. In fact, I was living there in 93 when the Habs last won the cup, and then preceded to riot on St. Catherine’s, breaking into stores and looting, setting fires all over the place, and just being drunken idiots.

Admittedly, I find that there is nothing wrong with going out on the town and celebrating a big Game 7 win, or a series win… but to go out and torch police cars? That’s a little too far. I was just watching the news, and I saw a clip of guys jumping on the cop cars, kicking in the hood, there was even some guy who just walked up to it, kicked the police car, all the while chatting away on his phone. I’m glad he turned and faced the camera too, I hope his parents saw it, and they feel ashamed of him.

Hopefully, the cops find a better way of dealing with the fans post-game then how this was handled… if the Habs make a deep run, and they have a wicked chance of doing so… then I would hate to see Canadien fans trash Montreal, one of the most beautiful and historic cities I’ve ever seen… but I’ve never left North America so that doesn’t say much.


Leafs Beat Up Bruins, Senators Suck, and some other stuff

So first things first. After the Senators came out to the season with their Stanley Cup hangover, breaking records as they mutalated the rest of the NHL. In fact, their lead in the Northeast Division was so great, that when they lost a few in a row, everyone thought it was no big deal. Well as it turns out, it was a big deal. They are now out of the conference and division lead. They’ve even underwent a coaching change, that hasn’t seemed to make a difference, as Murray is now 1-4 behind the bench

I say now, because tonight, they got shut out out by…….THE L.A. KINGS! Are you effin’ kidding me? If you haven’t hit the panic button yet, you might want to think about it. The lowly Sens (can I call them lowly yet?) are only 5 points out of 8th place, and it now doesn’t seem that crazy to think, that at this rate, they could fall out of play-offs. Way not to choke….again!

P.S. I hate the Sens

Secondly, the Leafs embarassed the Bruins again. I say again because after tonight Bruins have been outscored 19-4 in their last 3 games.  The Bruins at one time were sitting pretty in 6 place, pretty comfortable…. but now they are 1 point out of the 8th and final spot.

Now… what the eff’ are the Leafs doing!? LOSE! LOSE!  I am sick of seeing this late season runs that finish 1-4 points shy, its stupid, and it is no way to build a franchise. Idiots.

Craig Anderson won… again. Wasn’t a shut-out this time, but he only had to stop 25 shots this time… poor guy must have been bored back there after facing 93 shots in his last 2 games. I like the Panthers winning… makes the basement of the NHL that much closer for some teams…. one in particular.

Price came back and played a solid game after being lit up the other night. This is a good sign the Habs… he came out and showed that even after a sketchy outting, he can come back and play a solid game, and perhaps steal a game or two. That is always a nice bonus to have with goaltending going into play-offs.