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Ducks Visit White House


So the Ducks got to visit the White House, and meet with good ol’ Pres. G. Dubya.

Who fucking cares?

I bet you the Ducks don’t even care. The roster that won the Cup last year had a total of 4 American-born players, and they totaled for 23 GP, 0 Goals, 2 Assists, an even +/-, and 28 PIM.

If anything they should have been honoured by little ol’ Stephen Harper! There was 18 Canadian-born players on that squad, including the MVP, the captain, and every assistant captain.

I guess I should also mention the fact that there were 3 European-born players, one of which was the back-up goalie.

Now I am no way saying that Canadian-born players are better then American-born players, but in all honesty, they are.