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Front Offices Somewhat Busy This Monday

Ok, so of course the news of the Maple Leafs making the Steen & Colaiacovo trade for Lee Stempniak trumps all the other activity today. As a Leafs fan I have some mixed feelings about this trade.

First of all, I don’t think Steen was ever given a fair chance to play up to his potential. Being stuck on the 3rd and 4th line for the better part of your career is not going to give you the chance to put up a lot of points. Case in point, look at how well Stajan is responding to the increased ice-time. I just fear that Steen is going to be the next Brad Boyes. I don’t think Steen will ever reach the level that Boyes could reach, but I think he’s going to make an impact for sure. Colaiacovo for his part, well I loved the guy’s style, but that style isn’t going to help when his sitting in the booth because his style is realistically his undoing. If you can’t be healthy well then you aren’t much use, just don’t go pull a Wellwood and suddenly become healthy and one of the biggest surprises in the league! (Who can honestly say they saw Wellwood coming on like that? Vancouver didn’t, because he didn’t even make the team!)

Lee Stempniak, for his part, well I don’t know much about him. I do know he’s relatively young at 25, decent size at just over 200 lbs and is having an excellent, yet quiet season. Granted that season was in St. Louis and no the media-meca that is Toronto. He does have this though, which is quite fitting actually. Hopefully we can make that term a little more popular.

In my opinion, I think the Silver Fox could have gotten a little more, even if it was just a late pick. I think just a 4th or 5th rounder would have been better than two players for one. Truely, I think that the Buds are doing too good for Fletcher’s liking. If there is two things the Leafs brass want more than anything in the world right now, its Brian Burke, and Jon Tavares. If the Leafs keep playing like they are, they’ll go one for two, because mediocracy doesn’t bring high picks, and we know that all to well.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the other BIG news. The San Jose Sharks have agreed to a try-out contract with Claude Lemieux. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with that. I get that he’s been clutch in play-offs and whatnot, but he also hasn’t played in the NHL for FIVE years, and he’s no Chelios. At 43 years of age, I am pretty sure Lemieux’s playing days should be over!


Tough Two Weeks

Yeah ok, so maybe not in the NHL, (although maybe for some teams) but for me. This week and last has been nuts, and its not going to stop until at least next Tuesday, so until then, don’t expect much out of me!

Made a big a trade in my fantasy today, hopefully I can get some feed back. I traded away Huselius, Kaberle, and Bryzgalov for Lundqvist, Enstrom, and Prospal.

I needed goaltending because Osgood isn’t getting the games I was hoping he would, and I figure Huselius is streaky as hell. So I feel that I am losing Kaberle for Lundqvist. I have Campbell anyways and maybe Vlasic can keep up his pace of play. And then maybe Hammer or Keith can pick, Enstrom too for that matter. And as for Huselius and Prospal.. well Toews is coming on, so Juice was a spare part anyways, I just wanted him gone.


Sundin’s Career Over?


Well not yet, but it may be. Mats Sundin, one of the most beloved Maple Leaf Captains of all time, has announced that his season is over due to his groin tear.

The question for everyone now, is whether or not Sundin’s career with the Leafs is over… He has made no secret that his decision will be made over the off season, and it will be a year-to-year decision.  Sundin has also said that he has not ruled out playing for another team, and that things may depend on what kind of direction the Blue and White are going to be taking.

Word is that Cliff Fletcher, the Leafs interim GM, has already approached Sundin about signing a contract extension, this coming a mere month after trying to convince to waive his no-trade clause.

So… is Mats done as a Maple Leaf? Personally… I think so, and that pains me…


What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today!? (03-17-08)


Surprisingly not much today, must be because its St. Paddy’s Day, puts me in a good mood.

 But I was watching Drive This Hardcore Radio on The Score earlier today, and they got an e-mail that set me off a bit. Apparently there was a story out there in Pittsburgh somewhere, where some journalist looked at the number of when Crosby has been in, and when he has been out. According to his research, the Penguins have a higher winning percentage, and have a high Goals For Per Game. So because of that, this “journalist” decided that the Penguins are better team without Crosby, and that they could make him expendable.

This guy must be out of his mind, even if the team has better stats without him, there is no package that any team could put together to get him. Its like the Capitals making Ovechkin available. Ok, maybe not quite, because the Pens have a way deeper talent pool, but seriously… trade Crosby?!

The only other thing is still the Pronger crap, I am not gonna talk about it, I’ve talked about it already. And it is currently getting slowly poked to death on every sports channel, and sports website out there. And just the fact that we have nothing better to talk about, is pissin’ me off!



More Quick Hits: Trades, Injuries, and more on OHL Tragedy

Modry Goes to Philly

Jaroslav Modry, now formerly of the LA Kings, has been traded to the Flyers for a 3rd round pick. Thus far in the season, Modry has put up 1 goal and 5 assists with plus 2 rating.

If you ask me, the Flyers could of had McCabe for a 3rd round pick… but that is just how badly I want the Leafs to get rid of him.

NHL Players Dropping Like Flies

A lot of injuries to talk about today, but the most significant has to be Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings. Lidstrom was hit hard by Ian Laperriere last night, in what appeared to be a clean hit. Although it was clean, Lidstrom looked pretty effin’ dizzy when he got up, but word is that its a knee injury. (Never seen someone look concussed after a knee injury…)

For his troubles, Laperriere was beat up later in the game by Aaron Downey, and was then targeted again by Downey later in the game. I loved seeing that, I bet people are going to think twice before nailing any of the other Red Wing stars.

Also going down were Vancouver’s Lukas Krajicek, (ouch another defencemen down for the ‘Nucks) and New York Islander’s Andy Sutton after a partial tear in his hamstring.

Might Be Months For Mickey Renaud

After an autospy was conducted on the young man, it was revealed that it may take months before investigators can determine what happened.

They say that the autospy was the first test in a series of tests that are needed to figure out exactly what went wrong in Renaud’s Ontario home.


Lundqvist signs, Simon’s Back, and Some Rumours

Ok, so since it doesn’t really seem like there is too many things of severe importance going on in the NHL right now, I thought I would just hit up some quick little topics.

Lundqvist Signs Extension


According to TSN, Henrik Lundqvist has signed a contract extension apparently worth 39.5 million over 6 years. That works out to about 6.58 million dollars per year. I think that’s pretty good considering that the Rangers would be terrible without Lundqvist, he is already considered to be one the leagues elite tenders, and at the age 25, he still has lots of time to improve. Not bad for a guy that was drafted 205th overall in 2000.

Leafs and Flames Talking Trades


Most notably, according to Eklund (which is probably complete shait then,) the Flames and Leafs are talking Mats Sundin for Kristian Huselius, and probably a few picks in there. Personally, I don’t mind the sounds of this trade. It is one of the more likely trade rumours I have heard surrounding Sundin, in that it makes some sense for both teams, but I would rather see some defense coming to Toronto.

There are some other talks involving Tanguay leaving Calgary, as almost everyone knows that he wants the hell out of town.

Chris Simon Back On Skates


Yup, Chris Simon of the New York Islanders, whose been suspended for awhile now, and on some sort of anger management program is back on skates and is going to fly to Toronto for the game on Thursday. Great this is just what the NHL needs. I wonder how long until Simon picks up his umpteenth suspension and the league finally decides to ban him for life. I can’t wait.

Caps Re-sign Fleischmann To Two-Year Contract



Realistically I don’t know who this guy is at all, the only reason I do is because of Eastside Hockey Manager. I ran the Caps for a few seasons, and the coaching staff told me that Fleischmann didn’t have the talent to succeed at this level. So I released him, and now the real Capitals just re-signed him. This proves that the coaching staff I had in place had no idea what they were talking about. Hence why I sucked for the most part.




Murray Wants To Trade Redden, But Redden Says Nay Nay!


Senator’s GM, Bryan Murray apparently sat down with D-man Wade Redden, and asked him if he would waive his no-trade clause in order for the Sens to make a deal with the San Jose Sharks.

Hello Patrick Marleau?

No, not quite. Redden said thanks, but no thanks. He wants to try to and win the Stanley Cup with the Senators this year.

What do you mean you want to win the Cup, Wade? This isn’t about you!

The reason I am bringing this up, is that TSN currently has a poll, asking whether you consider players to be selfish when they won’t trade their no-trade clause.

Well yeah they are being selfish, but can you blame them? If someone signs a contract, and both parties are confident enough to include the clause, they really shouldn’t change their mind a few months or years down the road, (this is hard for me to say as a Leafs fan, wanting everyone on the team to waive their no-trade clause.) I like to think that if I was signed to a contract with a no-trade clause, management shouldn’t even have the audacity to request that I waive it, especially to go to a place that is less successful.

So in the end, I am saying that I do think players that refuse to waive their no-trade clause are selfish, but at the same time, they should be. Even though you are supposed to play for the logo on the front, and not the name on the back, the ultimate goal in a player’s career is put the name on the back on the silver mug.

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