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Shanahan To Take Offers

This has kind of confused me for the greater part of the last 5 months or so. I thought going into the off-season that Brendan Shanahan would be one of the more sought after Free Agents on the market. At first I was shocked that he wasn’t getting at least a couple of offers from around the league, but then I found out about his love affair with Slather, and that he wouldn’t be taking any offers from any other teams but the New York Rangers, yet nothing came…

Fast forward to training camps, when a lot of teams were said to be looking for that offensive player with leadership qualities (read Mats Sundin). Now, I am in no way comparing Shanahan to Sundin, but Shanahan is right up there in my opinion with offensive abilities. Shanahan can’t take control of the game like Sundin can or anything, but on the power-play, this is lethal on the off wing. The Habs went out and traded for Robert Lang almost for that exact reason, I would imagine they would have rather of had Shanny.

It wasn’t until today that Shanny told his agent that he would be willing to listen to other offers. Seriously Brendan? It took you this long to realize that the Rangers weren’t going to sign you? You had to wait until an 8th of the season was gone to entertain other offers? Wow. Well whatever, Shanahan will be signed within one or two weeks. I imagine some teams with the salary cap room would be eager to jump on him, like say… Vancouver?


Play-off Beards Starting to Show & Nonis

With just under a week having gone by in the NHL’s post-season, the beards are starting to show. While some guys can grow a decent beard overnight or have had one all season long, others take a little longer to get going. Case in point, Sid the Kid.

It might be a little difficult to see from that picture but I think you get the point. I first noticed his little perv stache when he was being interviewed about Avery’s antics the other night, and now when I go the the TSN website… there it is staring me in the face.

If at all possible, when the Pens line up in Ottawa tomorrow and attempt to sweep the Sens, try to get a good glimpse of his perviness.

Nonis Fired

Admittedly this isn’t big news at all, but the one thing that is continually being left out of this story is Swedish star Fabian Brunnstrom. Reports were coming out that Brunnstrom had given his agent a list of 6 teams that he was willing to play for, and the Canucks were at the very top of that list with Nonis being a huge factor in that decision. Apparently, Brunnstrom liked the direction that Nonis was taking the team into and he wanted to be a part of that… however, now that Nonis is gone, what does thacrt mean for Brunnstrom and the Canucks? I believe that because of the Nonis firing, Brunnstrom won’t be as willing to head to the west coast, and will instead go to Detroit… a team that continually just keeps getting better without losing their core and prospect pool.


Luongo’s Predicament


I am sure most of you know what is going if you pay any attention to this man, Roberto Luongo, but if you don’t, I’ll attempt to give you a quickie lesson.

Luongo’s wife is currently living in Florida, which is about as far away from Vancouver as things could get in the NHL. Now at first glance this wouldn’t seem to be such an issue… NHLers deal with this situation all the time. However, Luongo’s wife, Gina, is just about ready to give birth to their first child. She is due in early April and it about ready to pop. So Luongo’s predicament is pretty easy to see. Leave the Canucks, who are fighting for their play-off lives, and go be with your family and wife when she gives birth. Or you skip the birth, and play with the Canucks and try to help them make playoffs, and if you do play them out.

Now, fans are outraged at Luongo because he is not planning on missing the birth. There is a plan laid out for Luongo to board a private jet and fly to Florida when the time comes for the baby. These “fans” are pissed because he is putting his family first. They are pissed because he apparently can’t count 9 months out, and plan to have his children in the off-season. Here are a few quotes from and their story of the Luongo situation:

How much of Luongo’s salary is he giving back when he leaves for the birth of his child?Pretty environmentally sensitive to fly a private jet to Florida with one person on it.Thousands of working men around the world miss the birth of their children due to work commitments,I hope he appreciates the luxury he’s afforded.And if it causes them to miss the playoffs??

I am sooooooo sick of women and their nagging politically correctness. My mother, and grandmother did just fine without men in the delivery room and have also said that they did not want them there. Until Roberto is the one having the baby, he should be playing. If he wants a job as a birthing cheerleader, I think they make about $25 per kid. Want that paycut? I did not think so. His wife doesn’t like it? OK, then she better start looking for work after a couple of months. Shut up and play.

Sorry I can’t agree with Time Off . 7 million a year ,the fans paying night after night. Life is important but he has taken on the responsibility and must commit to it. Missing 1 game to be with her, yes but that’s it.

These guys are effin’ ridiculous. Personally, I have no children, so I am not in a position to use my life as an example, but I like to think that once, when I have children, I plan on being there and nothing in the world would keep me from being there, especially my first born. Any other job, men take a paternal leave to be there, so just because he is an all-world athlete, he is not allowed to do that because his “fans” can’t bear to leave him be a family man? If you don’t agree with me, then I don’t know what to say to you, but you are being selfish. There is no way on earth that you can go around calling Luongo selfish, if you think he shouldn’t leave, because you are scared of your favourite team to miss playoffs!