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Brunnstrom Going To Leafs?

According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Fabian Brunnstrom is leaning towards joining the Maple Leafs after Vancouver GM Dave Nonis was fired. Apparently Brunnstrom, the 23 year-old Swede, is trying to choose between a couple of teams, but has narrowed it down to two; the Red Wings and the Leafs.

Brunnstrom is thinking that the Red Wings are just too deep up front for him to get decent ice time, but with the Leafs appearing to be heading towards a rebuild, the Leafs would be capable of giving Brunnstrom more opportunity to play.

Brunnstrom is an offensively gifted forward with a decent scoring touch. A speedy skater with soft hands and good technical skills. He combines speed and stickhandling in an impressive way. Hockey sense is pretty good and he is also strong physically with a good attitude. (Elite Prospects)


More Quick Updates (03-27-08)

Luongo Has Left The Building

Much to the dismay of Vancouver fans… very selfish Vancouver fans, Luongo has skipped town to go be with his wife. It is uncertain if he will be ready to return in time to play Minnesota, but most fans are hopeful. Luongo’s wife has been stuck in a wheel-chair for the last couple of months due to complications, she left Vancouver in order to be with her family in case something happened while Luongo was on the road. My best wishes to Roberto and his wife.

Big Names Return To Lineup

Sid the Kid will return to the Penguins roster tonight to face the New York Islanders. Crosby has been sidelined since his ankle did not respond well to playing after he initially returned from a high ankle sprain. Crosby should add a huge boost to the Penguins, however their stats have been better without him, regardless, the Penguins and their fans should be glad to have him back heading into play-offs.

It may be too little too late for the Maple Leafs (read: its too late), but Sundin has returned to the lineup to face the Bruins. With a victory tonight, the Bruins could knock the Leafs completely out of the playoffs, and perhaps the Leafs could finally start to lose in hopes of landing in the lottery. They are currently sitting in 23rd in the league, and could easily find themselves into the bottom 4-5 teams and have a shot at a decent franchise player.

Marc Savard Breaks His Back

Seriously, the guy has a broken back but it is unknown how long he will miss. The Bruins’ leading scorer suffered the injury when he was cross-checked on the weekend. Apparently it isn’t that bad of an injury, because he hopes to only miss tonight’s game in addition with the game he missed on Tuesday. He was not missed that much however, as the Bruins manhandled the Leafs that night.


2010 Olympics in Vancouver


Everyone knows that the Winter Olympics are coming to Vancouver in a couple years, two years almost to the date actually. And for those of you that have been living under a rock, well then you heard it here first!

Most Canadians can tell you that the Men’s Hockey team disappointed in 2006, failing to bring home a medal. The brass was criticized for not bringing young guns like Sidney Crosby, or Eric Staal, and instead favouring some of the old veterans that had helped bring home a gold in 2002.

TSN set up something that I thought was kind of neat on their website, and that is allowing anyone to make their early picks at what the roster would look like, and here is the squad that I picked, (in no particular order, or in no particular mind set to lines.)


– Dany Heatley            – Vincent Lecavalier            – Brad Richards

– Jason Spezza             – Sidney Crosby                   -Eric Staal

– Simon Gagne             – Rick Nash                          – Shane Doan

– Ryan Getzlaf             – Jarome Iginla                    – Mike Richards

– Joe Thorton


– Jay Bouwmeester          – Chris Phillips         – Robyn Regehr

– Shea Weber                    – Chris Pronger        – Brian Campbell

– Dion Phaneuf


– Martin Brodeur            – Roberto Luongo            – Marty Turco

So let me know what you think, keep in mind that there were only so many players available to choose from, and if you want to pick your own team, here is the link. 


Luongo Skipping All-Star Game!

Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks announced that although he has been voted in as a starter for this years All-Star Game, he is going to pass on it.

Luongo told the media, that his reason for skipping on the weekend spectacle was because he would rather take the time off to go see his wife in Florida, as she is expecting to give birth.

Pardon me? You’re skipping the All-Star weekend, because you are a expecting a child? Who do you think you are? You were voted in by the fans, and you slap them in face by telling us you aren’t going to go? You know what I think of you Roberto?!

Good For You!!

Seriously, good on you! Over the course of the season, playing in the Northwest Division, with the schedule the way it is, the Canucks have only had one road trip into the Southeast, other than that, Luongo has been traveling all over America, and the only time he gets off is the off-season, the holidays, and the All-Star Game. So over the course of a year, he get about 3 months off, and during that time, he’s training trying to get ready for the next season. It’s a surprise that he even managed to find the time off, in order to.. well you know, do the deed.

Besides, Luongo plays virtually every game anyways. He is probably going to start about 75 games in the regular season, and then he is going to be expected to carry the load in the play-offs, so he could use a week-end off. And when you look at his stats, 1.96 GAA, .930 Save Percentage, 20 Wins in 35 Games Played! On a team that isn’t that talented from top-to-bottom, not to mention the injuries in the Canuck defence… he does work for it, and he is an All-Star, and everyone knows it.

So take the week-end, visit your wife, be there if the child is born. Besides, that week-end is a waste of time, who even watches the All-Star Game?