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What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today (03-31-08)

I had to do a little digging and head scratching for these ones today, but once something ticked me off, it sort of snowballed one me, so here goes!

Sean Avery

Ok, I didn’t have to do a lot of digging for this one. This guy pisses me off pretty much everytime he is mentioned… this may be due to the fact that I believe this pathetic asshat shouldn’t deserve to be any sort of news item but whatever.

The latest is that his name and number where found in the black book of the New York man-looking escort (read hooker). Apparently though, Avery’s name was in the “cheap” section of the clientèle at the Maison de L’Amour. Not surprising considering this douche is consistently going down the ladder when it comes to girls… he was at one time dating Canadian Super Beauty, and avid hockey fan Elisha Cuthbert, then stepped down to one of the Olsen twins, and well now this:


P.S. Avery is denying it, saying its an April Fool’s Joke. Original, you dumbass. I would be denying too, though…

Ouch, I hurt my Upper Body

Yes, its that time of year folks. Someone will get high sticked in the face, and be bleeding from the eyes and lose 10 teeth while laying on the ice in pain, but the report will come out the next day as an upper body injury.

I effin’ hate this crap. It’s just garbage. I don’t know what else to really say about it, other then its a royal pain in the lower body.


My Picks For Coach of the Year

With the season winding down, and more and more teams being eliminated by day, I have decided to make my early picks for winner of the Jack Adams, as coach of the year.

  1. Guy Carbonneau – In September, almost everyone had predicted that the Canadiens wouldn’t even make play-offs. Now in late March, the Habs are on the verge of winning the Northwest Division, and are in a tight battle for the Eastern Conference lead. What he has done with this team this season is amazing if you ask me, and for a young coach, that says even more of the type of coach he is.
  2. Ron Wilson -After reeling off an impressive winning streak down the stretch, the Sharks have clinched the Pacific Division. The reason I think that is such a feat, is the fact that the Pacific also contains some team called the Ducks or something, and apparently they are pretty good. The other reason I think Wilson deserves a solid look, is that the Sharks have been a solid team for a few years now, and I can’t remember the last time they had a high draft pick.
  3. Barry Trotz – The Nashville Predators have easily had the most turbulent season. They’ve went from almost being sold to Balsillie, then they pretty much got rid of all their assets (Kariya, Vokoun, et. all). They were then sold a local group, and had to beg their fans to come to their games even though they were not expected to be contenders. Now almost in the post-season, the Preds have managed to put themselves in position to make the post-season, much of which needs to be attributed to a solid home record, and solid defensive play.
  4. Brent Sutter – Could the Devils be more solid defensively? Apparently they could be, because they are once again one of the best teams when it comes to GA, and yet they are still winning after losing Gomez and Rafalski. Somehow they continue to win without goal-scoring, without big names (minus Brodeur), and without high draft picks. But honestly, did anyone expect anything less of the Devils and Sutter?
  5. Jon Stevens – The Flyers made one of the fastest turns in NHL history. Much of this could be attributed to good management skills, but the leadership of the coaching staff has went a long way in guiding this team into the post-season (as of now). The Flyers have underwent many injuries this season, and many, many suspensions but have managed to keep afloat.

So those are my picks for coach of the year, and in that order too. But as with my picks for MVP, these are completely dependent on these teams making the playoffs, if the Flyers or Predators fall out of contention then these coaches will not deserve to be coach of the year.


Marc Crawford Added To Moore-Bertuzzi Lawsuit


As if anyone cares at this point, but whatever. This lawsuit and story has been dragged on for 4 years now, and it is not about to end anytime soon.

We all know what happened, even if you don’t like hockey you know what happened. In the latest twist however, Bertuzzi has taken a court action against Marc Crawford. Bertuzzi is claiming that because Crawford was coach, and he allegedly told the players “to make him [Moore] pay the price,” Bertuzzi had an obligation to go out and fuck up Moore.

So that’s pretty much it. I think Todd is still trying to cover his ass, and he’s now trying to make it so that if he loses this lawsuit, Crawford will be responsible for paying a portion of the $38 million Moore is seeking.

Personally, I think that this could have all been avoided had Moore just turned around and fought Bertuzzi. Now I am not saying that this is all Moore’s fault, but I truly believe that when Bert was tugging on Moore’s jersey, had Moore just turned and dropped his mitts this lawsuit would be a non-issue. Moore would still be capable of playing but he did not, and that is that.

Bertuzzi should not have pounded him in the side of the face and drove him into the ice. The rest of the players should not have doggy-piled on top of them, but it all happened and that cannot be changed. I just hope for the sake of hockey, the sake of all parties involved, and for the sake of the fans we can put this issue to rest. I certainly am sick of hearing about it, and I vow to never talk about it again.


And It’s Official…

…the leafs have missed the post-season for the 3rd year in a row.


McCabe still doesn’t know where they went wrong!

We can now finally look forward to the draft, hope to get a top 5 pick, blow up this roster, and start completely fresh next September. Which reminds me, I think I am going to go to the driving range tomorrow… I am stoked for golf season!

Good Riddance Maple Leafs of 2005 to 2008!


More Quick Updates (03-27-08)

Luongo Has Left The Building

Much to the dismay of Vancouver fans… very selfish Vancouver fans, Luongo has skipped town to go be with his wife. It is uncertain if he will be ready to return in time to play Minnesota, but most fans are hopeful. Luongo’s wife has been stuck in a wheel-chair for the last couple of months due to complications, she left Vancouver in order to be with her family in case something happened while Luongo was on the road. My best wishes to Roberto and his wife.

Big Names Return To Lineup

Sid the Kid will return to the Penguins roster tonight to face the New York Islanders. Crosby has been sidelined since his ankle did not respond well to playing after he initially returned from a high ankle sprain. Crosby should add a huge boost to the Penguins, however their stats have been better without him, regardless, the Penguins and their fans should be glad to have him back heading into play-offs.

It may be too little too late for the Maple Leafs (read: its too late), but Sundin has returned to the lineup to face the Bruins. With a victory tonight, the Bruins could knock the Leafs completely out of the playoffs, and perhaps the Leafs could finally start to lose in hopes of landing in the lottery. They are currently sitting in 23rd in the league, and could easily find themselves into the bottom 4-5 teams and have a shot at a decent franchise player.

Marc Savard Breaks His Back

Seriously, the guy has a broken back but it is unknown how long he will miss. The Bruins’ leading scorer suffered the injury when he was cross-checked on the weekend. Apparently it isn’t that bad of an injury, because he hopes to only miss tonight’s game in addition with the game he missed on Tuesday. He was not missed that much however, as the Bruins manhandled the Leafs that night.


Luongo’s Predicament


I am sure most of you know what is going if you pay any attention to this man, Roberto Luongo, but if you don’t, I’ll attempt to give you a quickie lesson.

Luongo’s wife is currently living in Florida, which is about as far away from Vancouver as things could get in the NHL. Now at first glance this wouldn’t seem to be such an issue… NHLers deal with this situation all the time. However, Luongo’s wife, Gina, is just about ready to give birth to their first child. She is due in early April and it about ready to pop. So Luongo’s predicament is pretty easy to see. Leave the Canucks, who are fighting for their play-off lives, and go be with your family and wife when she gives birth. Or you skip the birth, and play with the Canucks and try to help them make playoffs, and if you do play them out.

Now, fans are outraged at Luongo because he is not planning on missing the birth. There is a plan laid out for Luongo to board a private jet and fly to Florida when the time comes for the baby. These “fans” are pissed because he is putting his family first. They are pissed because he apparently can’t count 9 months out, and plan to have his children in the off-season. Here are a few quotes from and their story of the Luongo situation:

How much of Luongo’s salary is he giving back when he leaves for the birth of his child?Pretty environmentally sensitive to fly a private jet to Florida with one person on it.Thousands of working men around the world miss the birth of their children due to work commitments,I hope he appreciates the luxury he’s afforded.And if it causes them to miss the playoffs??

I am sooooooo sick of women and their nagging politically correctness. My mother, and grandmother did just fine without men in the delivery room and have also said that they did not want them there. Until Roberto is the one having the baby, he should be playing. If he wants a job as a birthing cheerleader, I think they make about $25 per kid. Want that paycut? I did not think so. His wife doesn’t like it? OK, then she better start looking for work after a couple of months. Shut up and play.

Sorry I can’t agree with Time Off . 7 million a year ,the fans paying night after night. Life is important but he has taken on the responsibility and must commit to it. Missing 1 game to be with her, yes but that’s it.

These guys are effin’ ridiculous. Personally, I have no children, so I am not in a position to use my life as an example, but I like to think that once, when I have children, I plan on being there and nothing in the world would keep me from being there, especially my first born. Any other job, men take a paternal leave to be there, so just because he is an all-world athlete, he is not allowed to do that because his “fans” can’t bear to leave him be a family man? If you don’t agree with me, then I don’t know what to say to you, but you are being selfish. There is no way on earth that you can go around calling Luongo selfish, if you think he shouldn’t leave, because you are scared of your favourite team to miss playoffs!



“One Play” Commercial

So I was surfing around randomly just a little ago, and I ran into this commercial. Apparently its the NHL’s newest attempt at promoting the game. I’ll let you have a look at it before I give my two cents.

First off, I effin’ love it. There are so many details to it and it works on so many different levels. It incorporates vintage hockey footage, pond hockey, minor hockey, and today’s hockey. The beginning starts with probably two of the most recognizable faces in hockey, Gretzky and Crosby. It shows almost every team in the league, if not all, shows the stars of the game, the grace and skill needed to play the game and it is shown with great fluidity. The cuts between video clips are great. What ever company produced this commercial did an unreal job in making it seem like it was actually one play.

This commercial is leaps and bounds above the “I Pledge” and “Is This the Year?” commercials. It seems that the NHL may finally have taken a step in the right direction, and just in time for the playoffs. Finally.