Tough Two Weeks

Yeah ok, so maybe not in the NHL, (although maybe for some teams) but for me. This week and last has been nuts, and its not going to stop until at least next Tuesday, so until then, don’t expect much out of me!

Made a big a trade in my fantasy today, hopefully I can get some feed back. I traded away Huselius, Kaberle, and Bryzgalov for Lundqvist, Enstrom, and Prospal.

I needed goaltending because Osgood isn’t getting the games I was hoping he would, and I figure Huselius is streaky as hell. So I feel that I am losing Kaberle for Lundqvist. I have Campbell anyways and maybe Vlasic can keep up his pace of play. And then maybe Hammer or Keith can pick, Enstrom too for that matter. And as for Huselius and Prospal.. well Toews is coming on, so Juice was a spare part anyways, I just wanted him gone.

1 Response to “Tough Two Weeks”

  1. 1 Pries
    November 23, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    Well I hear ya Jimbo, making this trade with you I feel has the same effect. The only thing is that I lose all of Markov’s points because Pieterangelo takes his place and Kaberle takes Enstroms place. Kaberle has to pick up 7 points before he starts counting so I have some time. I needed to make that trade though as I gave Markov and streaky Vanek for Malkin. I needed to keep him away from other guys. It’s like the Yankees or Red Sox making a trade so the guy can’t go to the other guy. Anyway thank God for Shea “Norris” Weber, another 3 points but 4 in the pool because of the game winner.

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