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Richards Deal Looks Better, & How ‘Bout Hossa?!


Brad Richards registered a franchise record 5 assists in his debut with the Dallas Stars. Meanwhile, Hossa played approximately 10 min and sprained his MCL when he was cutting across the middle of the ice.

I have made no secret that I think the Penguins gave up way too much to acquire Hossa, and that this would be a bad trade they would eventually regret. Now I want to make it clear that I am not happy that Hossa is injured, that is something I find disrespectful, and I never want to take joy out of anyone getting hurt. This is a misfortune for the Pens, but I am sure they should be able to do without Hossa for awhile.

On the other hand, the Stars, whom I feel made an amazing trade to get Richards. They gave up their back-up goalie, couple depth guys in Halpern and Jokinen, and a 4th rounder. In return, a Conn Smythe winner and proven play-off performer and a back-up goalie to replace theirs. The other beauty in this trade, is that Richards is still under contract for next season, meaning that past the post-season, he will remain with the Stars, as opposed to just being a rental player.

Apparently Stars’ co-GMs know a thing or two about how to deal with the deadline. They didn’t give up their future, but still managed to get better right now and put themselves right up there with the powerhouses of the West.

I cannot wait for June to come around, so that we can finally see the fruitations of all the trades that happened on Tuesday. Only then can we evaluate which teams were winners, and which were losers.


Canadiens Putting Hopes With Rookie Goalie: Part 3 & Hossa Hurts His Knee


Everyone knows that Canadien’s GM, Bob Gainey dropped a bomb on the hockey world they other day when he traded his Number 1 All-Star goalie, and therefore putting the teams season on the shoulders of rookie, Carey Price. Gainey has a serious love affair with Price. He drafted him way high than he was expected to go, and now this. Gainey is a smart hockey man, and I am sure he knows what he is doing.

Carey Price, who I think is making a solid case for the Calder so far this season, says he is ready to step in and be “that guy” for the Habs. He is insanely cool under pressure, and he has the skills to back it up, that was evident when he helped Canada win the World Juniors. But we have to honest, everyone was shocked when Huet (pronounced Whuo-ette or something like that now,) was traded.

If there is one team that can ride a rookie to a championship though, it is the Habs. They did with Ken Dryden back in the day, and then proceeded to do it again with Patrick Roy.

Can they do it again though? I would highly doubt it. Granted the Canadiens are making a solid push in the East right now, I just find it hard to believe that any Eastern team can knock off the powerhouse teams of the West.

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is going to be interesting to see how the rest of the season works out for Les Habitants. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on it, and the other thing that I’ll be watching, is who that 2nd draft pick turns out to be. I personally thought a guy like Huet could have garnered more than a 2nd rounder, but then again, the Ducks gave Bryzgalov away for free.


Marian Hossa sprained his MCL tonight in a 5-1 loss to the Boston Bruins. Wow, that deal is looking greater by the minute. This does suck for the Penguins though, but I kind of find myself not feeling bad for them. Hopefully he isn’t out too long, and then Sid the Kid can come back too, and we can see just how potent the Penguins will be, and if they have a legitimate shot at taking the East and getting their hands on the Holy Grail.


Breaking News: John Paddock Fired & the Dumbass Penguins


Just saw on The Score that Ottawa Senators Head Coach, John Paddock has been fired. This is something that had been talked about yesterday at the deadline, but apparently last night’s 4-0 loss, coupled with the 5-0 loss to the Leafs the game before were the last strings.

The word is that the players had quit on Paddock, and if you had watched the game last night, this was evident.  These losses cannot be blamed on either tender, as both goalies played terribly in those games. The defense was terrible, and the league’s highest scoring line has been useless.

I don’t really care what the Sens do from here on out, I do not think they have a chance to win the Cup, and that brings me to my next topic.

Everyone is trying to call out who won and lost at yesterday’s deadline. If you ask me, the biggest loser has to be the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Yes, they won the Hossa sweepstakes. Honestly though, giving up a core player in Armstrong, a prospect/depth guy in Christensen, and a prospect(iffy?) in Esposito, and in addition a 1st round pick. In return they get a player that is terrible in the post-season, a guy they won’t be able to afford at the end of the season. The Penguins are modeling themselves after the Tampa Bay Lightning, and yesterday when the Bolts traded Richards, and are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, its obvious that isn’t working.

The other kicker about the Penguins is that yes, with this addition they have a legit shot at winning the East, but even if they win that, they are fucked in the Stanley Cup Final.

The way the West powered up yesterday, there is no chance that the East wins the Cup again this season. As easily as the Sens walked through the East, and then got trampled by the Ducks.

The Ducks are a better now than they were last year, the Stars are a better team, the Wings are a better team. The West is clearly better, and the Pens have ZERO chance to take home the Cup.


NHL Trade Deadline – Live Update


I will be running a continuous live update of the NHL Trade Deadline Today (All times are Mountain Time). Trade posts will be headlined with asterisks and bolded, so if you just want to see the trades, look for those by the times. So here goes!!

  • 12:07 AM >> Okay, so honestly I am right about to go to bed, but I thought I would kick start it with the few little things that have happened thus far today.
    • F Vaclav Prospal traded to PHI for D Alexandre Picard, and a conditional pick. (Condition is that, if the Flyers make the post-season, it is their 2nd round pick, if not, the pick is CGY’s 3rd pick.)
    • F Mike Comrie has signed an extension with NYI, essentially taking his name off of the trade list.
    • D Dan Boyle has also re-signed a big extension with TB, which to me opens the door for a F Brad Richards deal.
    • D Barret Jackman has extended his deal with STL, so he shouldn’t have to pack his bags tonight.
  • 8:01 AM >> Bob McKenzie just said the it is known that F Marian Hossa will not be taking the game-day skate with ATL, instead he is going to wait and hear until a trade falls. Apparently the team told him to stay at the hotel.
  • **8:32 AM** >> FIRST TRADE OF THE DAY:
    • D Bryce Salvador goes to NJ while F Cam Janssen goes the other way to STL.
  • **9:15 AM** >> MAPLE LEAFS MAKE TRADE:
    • F Wade Belak has been shipped to FLO for a 5th rounder. Nothing major, but realistically Belak isn’t going to really matter to the Leafs, so I think this is a start.
  • **9:26 AM** >> Another Breaking Trade, this is a BIGGIE:
    • D Brian Campbell and a 7th round pick has been traded to SJ, BUF gets F Steve Bernier and a 1st round pick.
  • **9:36 AM** >> DAL and TB have agreed to a deal, they just need the go ahead from Richards. This is a huge:
    • F Brad Richards, G Johan Holmqvist are gone to DAL, in return TB gets G Mike Smith, F Jussi Jokinen, and F Jeff Halpern.
  • **9:49 AM** >> The Trade out of MON just happened, and its a shocker:
    • G Cristobal Huet has been traded to WAS, for a 2nd round pick in 2009. WOW! G Carey Price has just been thrown into the spotlight!
  • ** 10:15 AM** >> Trade just came out of FLO:
    • FLO D Ruslan Salei is traded to COL for D Karlis Skrastins and a 3rd rounder. Keith Jones joked that this deal would have been done hours ago, but both guys took forever to get off the ice because they skate so slow. Truth hurts!
  • **10:21 AM** >> CHI and CAR make deal:
    • CAR F Andrew Ladd has been traded to CHI for F Tuomo Ruutu. Ladd was supposed to be a key player in the NHL, but hasn’t quite developed the way he was expected. Ruutu has just had a lot of injury issues, which slowed his development too.
  • **10:36 AM** >> OTT makes trade:
    • CHI F Martin Lapointe has been acquired by OTT for a 6th round pick. The panel loves this trade for the Sens, figures he will be a leader in the dressing room. Dutchie makes a crack about Lapointe talking to Emery and shaping him up.
  • **10 :59 AM** >> Deal for CBJ Done:
    • CBJ D Adam Foote has been traded to COL. The return is a conditional 1st round pick, if the Avs make the post-season, it will be an 08 pick, if they don’t, its their 09 pick. Als, there is another conditional draft pick if Foote re-signs with the Avs.
  • **11:12 AM** >> CBJ Makes another deal:
    • CBJ F Sergei Federov has been sent off to WSH for D Ted Ruth. Are the Caps making a push for the post-season? It appears like they are!
  • **11:36 AM** >> VAN is alive!:
    • VAN F Matt Cooke has been dealt to WAS for F Matt Pettinger. Washington is making a serious push, they are not kidding around folks.
  • **11:46 AM** >> Small Trade that happened awhile ago:
    • Rob Davison has been traded to NYI while a 7th round pick goes back to SJ. Whoopie…
  • **12:52 PM** >> Leafs Make Another and Blues Deal too:
    • TOR D Hal Gill sent to PIT for a 2nd and 5th round pick. That’s good, decent return for an older, slower defenseman.
    • STL D Christian Backman has been traded to the NYR for a 4th round pick. Finally the Rangers make a move, this is a positive for the Blue Shirts.
  • **12:58** >> Hossa Finally Traded:
    • ATL unloads F Marian Hossa and F Pascal Dupius to PIT for F Erik Christensen, F Colby Armstrong, F Angelo Esposito, and a 1st rounder. Pierre McGuire is upset about this deal, he thinks the Pens gave up way, way too much for Hossa. He figures there is no way they can afford this guy at the end of the season.
  • **1:10 PM** >> Wild make some late noise:
    • MIN sends a 6th round pick to NYI for F Chris Simon. Wild now have Simon, Fedoruk, and Boogard, I don’t know what they are trying to prove.
  • **1:15 PM** >> LA unloads Defense:
    • LA has sent D Brad Stuart to DET for an 08 2nd and an 09 4th round pick. Wings will look solid when D Lidstrom, D Chelios, and D Rafalski come back.
  • ** 1:18 PM** >> TOR and PHO make some late deals:
    • TOR F Chad Kilger has been sent to FLO for a 3rd round pick.
    • PHO get G Al Montoya, and F Marcel Hossa from NYR for F Fredrick Sjostrom, G David Leveneau and F Josh Gratton.
  • ** 1:21 PM** >> ANA does a little tinker:
    • ANA has acquired D Marc-Andre Bergeron from NYI for a 3rd round pick.
  • **1:29 PM** >> ANA doing more tinkering:
    • ANA picked up G J.S. Aubin from LA for a 7th round pick.
  • **1:34 PM** >>One Last Trade?:
    • WSH F Joe Motzko has been dealt to ATL for F Alexandre Giroux.
  • **1:49 PM** >> Another Late One:
    • TB deals F Yan Hlavak to NAS for a 7th round pick.
  • **2:35 PM** >> ANA pulls one last move:
    • ANA F Brandon Bochenski has been dealt to NAS I believe it was

Sundin Says No To Trades and Foppa Signs, Changing Entire NHL Trade Deadline Landscape


Mats Sundin has told Maple Leafs’ interim GM, Cliff Fletcher, that he will not be waiving his no-trade clause. This is what Sundin had to say,

“I have carefully considered the team’s request that I waive my no-trade clause,” Sundin said in a statement. “I have always believed I would finish my career as a Toronto Maple Leaf so the actual request was still a very difficult one for me to contemplate. I have spoken to and listened to my family and those closest to me about this issue. In the end, there is no right decision in a situation like this one. I cannot leave my teammates and join another NHL Club at this time. I have never believed in the concept of a rental player. It is my belief that winning the Stanley Cup is the greatest thing you can achieve in hockey but for me, in order to appreciate it you have to have been part of the entire journey and that means October through June. I hope everyone will understand and respect my decision.”

This is a huge blow to the Leaf’s plan on rebuilding because a player of Sundin’s caliber would have fetched a significant return, something like a key player, a prospect and a high draft pick. That is at the very least, if there would have been a bidding war over his services, which would have been likely, the price would have rose dramatically.

There is another reason that this changes the everything that could have happened at the trade deadline. As a result of Sundin refusing to waive his no-trade clause, other Maple Leaf players have followed suit. Tomas Kaberle, Darcy Tucker, and Pavel Kubina have also informed Fletcher that they would not waive their no-trade clauses. To my count that leaves only two over-paid, under-performing players that could yield a decent return. Jason Blake(who doesn’t have a no-trade clause) and Bryan McCabe appear to have left the door open for now, but let’s face it, teams are not going to be rushing to call Fletcher about these guys.

And lastly, with Sundin’s desicion, that makes Marian Hossa the most sought after player at tomorrow’s deadline, good news for Thrasher’s GM Don Waddell, he has every intention of trading away Hossa, and now he might get that bidding war Fletcher was hoping for.

Then there is the signing of Peter Forsberg… ARGH! BULLSHIT, change the rules! Teams should not be able to sign Free-Agents this late in the season, it is absolutely ridiculous. I hope so, so bloody much that the Avalanche miss play-offs and that they wasted $1 million. I hope so much….


How ‘Bout That Hab-Ranger Game?


 I’m sure most of you have heard, that the Canadiens completed an amazing comeback last night, the biggest in their storied history.

Myself, I am not that impressed. Is this because I hate the Habs with every ounce of my being? Perhaps. Or is it because when a team comes back from a 5 goal deficit, shouldn’t some of the credit go to the other team?

I mean really, let’s talk about the Rangers, rather than the Habs for a second. I see this as the Rangers losing, not the Canadiens winning. Excuse me, but if you are down 5 goals in a hockey game,  there is no reason as to why you should ever have a shot at winning the game. The Rangers blew it, and they blew it hard.

The Canadiens did not win this game, the Rangers lost it. They should be embarassed. If I was a Ranger fan, I would be wearing a paper bag over my head. That is brutal. If I was to make a chart of NHL embarassment right now, the only think that would place above this, would be Patrik Stefan last season against the Oilers. Take a look, thats how embarassed I would be if I were Pries…. I mean, a Ranger fan.

I especially like the part 53 seconds in, listen to the announcer.


More Quick Hits: Trades, Injuries, and more on OHL Tragedy

Modry Goes to Philly

Jaroslav Modry, now formerly of the LA Kings, has been traded to the Flyers for a 3rd round pick. Thus far in the season, Modry has put up 1 goal and 5 assists with plus 2 rating.

If you ask me, the Flyers could of had McCabe for a 3rd round pick… but that is just how badly I want the Leafs to get rid of him.

NHL Players Dropping Like Flies

A lot of injuries to talk about today, but the most significant has to be Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings. Lidstrom was hit hard by Ian Laperriere last night, in what appeared to be a clean hit. Although it was clean, Lidstrom looked pretty effin’ dizzy when he got up, but word is that its a knee injury. (Never seen someone look concussed after a knee injury…)

For his troubles, Laperriere was beat up later in the game by Aaron Downey, and was then targeted again by Downey later in the game. I loved seeing that, I bet people are going to think twice before nailing any of the other Red Wing stars.

Also going down were Vancouver’s Lukas Krajicek, (ouch another defencemen down for the ‘Nucks) and New York Islander’s Andy Sutton after a partial tear in his hamstring.

Might Be Months For Mickey Renaud

After an autospy was conducted on the young man, it was revealed that it may take months before investigators can determine what happened.

They say that the autospy was the first test in a series of tests that are needed to figure out exactly what went wrong in Renaud’s Ontario home.