Avery Adds to his Douche-bag Resume

I’ve made no secrete of the fact that I hate Sean Avery, and the fact that I think he is a complete douche. He proved it once again tonight, when he was waving his arms and stick in front of Martin Brodeur’s face.

I have to say, that I get what Avery was trying to do. He was trying to distract Brodeur, and get him off his game. It’s just the way he was doing it, Avery wasn’t even paying attention to the play, he had his back turned to it while standing one foot away from Brodeur. Check it out for yourself…

Now, there is no penalty against this, not a concrete penalty at least, but Avery was warned by the referee while he was doing yet he still continued. However, I have to agree with Ron MacLean when he was talking about it. Under the rules of a misconduct penalty, if a player does an action in an attempt to incite the other team into taking a penalty, and continues after being warned from the referee, the player can be called for a 10 minute misconduct. Under this rule, there would be no minor, so the Rangers wouldn’t have been short-handed.

I do believe that the NHL is going to address this issue Monday. While I don’t know what they are going to say or what kind of action they are going to take. The NHL should send out a memo of some kind, either to say that these actions are allowed, or that they cannot be tolerated or something, but they have to do something.

Now before I stop, I should add this kind of disclaimer, I this isn’t a knock on Avery’s abilities. He has 3 goals already this post-season, and the Rangers are without a doubt a better team when he is on the ice. I simply hate these kinds of actions and on-ice shenanigans that Avery always seems to be a part of.

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