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I’ve been away….

… so I am going to ramble off on as much stuff that I can think of in the next 5 minutes. I hate the end of the semester, been wired for 3 days.

  1. Sean Avery is douche. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The “sloppy seconds” comment was too far. Sure that kind of stuff is said all the time within locker rooms, in fact much worse is said, but the key point is that they are said WITHIN the locker room. The way he did, it was completely premeditated, and the fact that he had the media gather around him, and he was acting (horribly by the way) was too much.
  2. Burkie is finally in Toronto. I am meh on this matter, I like the way he talks and handles the media. Although I am not sure that he is that good of a GM, I think he’s overrated a little, but what do I know. He has a cup, he did manage to bring Pronger and Niedermayer into Anaheim, sure it was dumb luck, but he did it. And to think Ferguson wouldn’t let go of Kaberle and Steen for Pronger. That’s ok, we got Stempniak out of Steen…
  3. Laviolette out, Maurice back in. What is this? A revolving door in Carolina? Should we expect Lavi to be head coach there again 3 years from now? I loved was Maurice was able to accomplish in his time in Toronto, it was his fault that JFJ can’t put together a decent roster.
  4. I love the McDonald’s commercials!

And thats all I can think of, I have to go to school now. Later


Ovie Vs. Malkin

Wow, that’s all I have to say about what happened tonight, in this rare hockey-filled Wednesday. (Good Ol’ American Thanksgiving, wouldn’t want to show any hockey while the entire US has a day off eh, Bettman?) Anyways! Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin just keep on rolling, and continue to amaze us.

Alex for his part, pretty much single-handedly beat the Thrashers tonight, rattling off a Hat trick, scoring on 50% of his shots, adding an assist, and his goals counted for two on the PP and his one that wasn’t on the PP just happened to be the Game Winner. I’d say that was successful outing.

Malkin on the other hand, decided that he didn’t feel like losing tonight. After the Pens go down two on a late in the second, (read: normally a momentum boost) he comes out and sets up some Crosby guy to pull within one, then says ‘ef this noise, and scores a natural hat trick, meanwhile registering on 75% of his shots. Take that Ovechkin.

I personally love this rivalry between these two superstars, but one has got to wonder what is going happen come 2010. Rumour has is, that there is no way they could agree to play with one another, so Russia might have to make due with only one of them. Which puts them in one helluva squeeze. First off, which guy do they pick and at the same time, which guy should they completely piss off to the point that he’ll probably never return to ‘Mother Russia’? Or do they just try to persuade them both to share a locker room and hope that their hate for each other doesn’t spread throughout. We all know how well that situation is working out in the Dallas locker room with Avery.

Honestly who knows, but I for one, cannot wait to see what will happen. I just wish that they would have been playing against eachother when they decided to pop off those hatties.


Avery Adds to his Douche-bag Resume

I’ve made no secrete of the fact that I hate Sean Avery, and the fact that I think he is a complete douche. He proved it once again tonight, when he was waving his arms and stick in front of Martin Brodeur’s face.

I have to say, that I get what Avery was trying to do. He was trying to distract Brodeur, and get him off his game. It’s just the way he was doing it, Avery wasn’t even paying attention to the play, he had his back turned to it while standing one foot away from Brodeur. Check it out for yourself…

Now, there is no penalty against this, not a concrete penalty at least, but Avery was warned by the referee while he was doing yet he still continued. However, I have to agree with Ron MacLean when he was talking about it. Under the rules of a misconduct penalty, if a player does an action in an attempt to incite the other team into taking a penalty, and continues after being warned from the referee, the player can be called for a 10 minute misconduct. Under this rule, there would be no minor, so the Rangers wouldn’t have been short-handed.

I do believe that the NHL is going to address this issue Monday. While I don’t know what they are going to say or what kind of action they are going to take. The NHL should send out a memo of some kind, either to say that these actions are allowed, or that they cannot be tolerated or something, but they have to do something.

Now before I stop, I should add this kind of disclaimer, I this isn’t a knock on Avery’s abilities. He has 3 goals already this post-season, and the Rangers are without a doubt a better team when he is on the ice. I simply hate these kinds of actions and on-ice shenanigans that Avery always seems to be a part of.


What’s Pissin’ Me Off Today (03-10-08)

Ok, so it is Monday, and I’ve had a shitty day so far, and I can’t fathom the thought of writing anything good today, so I am going to rant on somethings (there’s two) that are pissing me off, which I think I will do every Monday, because Monday’s are generally shitty days for everyone.


Effin’ Idiot 

Avery to be Fined by NHL

Ok, so I am not really pissed that he is getting fined, I am pissed that he is only getting fined. The idiot throws not one, but two water bottles into the crowd because he’s upset about a call. The guy is throwing things at paying customers. Fans are warned about “flying projectiles” leaving the playing surface, but water bottles flying out of the penalty box because some idiot is upset about a call does not qualify in my opinion.

Was Sundin not suspended when he threw his stick into the crowd? Granted it was a broken stick, but you can’t start justifying things because, hey, that’s a blunt object, or meh, it was his glove, and that is mostly foam. Or whatever, he only missed 3 kids, its not like there was someone that matters out there.

Avery is an idiot, he should be suspended, and the fact that he is looking for a new contract in the area of $4 million per year blows my mind.

NHL To Play Game Outdoor at Yankee Stadium

Hey Bettman, the NHL doesn’t make enough money? So you are just going to keep holding outdoor games so that you get more? How about trying to get people in Nashville, and Florida to attend their games, or getting a half decent TV contract. Thankfully, I live in Canada so I get lots of coverage, but I hear that’s harder to come by in America. Anyways, this is just a money grabber, and I hope the novelty of the outdoor game wears off soon, and they stop having games that matter, and could have big implications come April, especially when the NHL hands out points for setting up good traps and getting games into overtime and losing anyway.

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Donald Brashear Re-signs with Capitals


The Washington Capitals have re-signed the second most famous #87 in the league, Donald Brashear. Now I realize that Brashear is not going to end up in the Hall, or have his number retired, but he is a damn important player.

Fighting belongs in the NHL, and so do enforcers. The instigator rule needs to be gotten rid of, so that players like Brashear can police the ice surface a little bit, and protect guys like Semin and Ovechkin. Realistically, I don’t think guys like Downie, Avery, Ruutu, hell even Tucker would be skating around being assholes if guys like Brashear, Parros, Boogard, and Belak could beat the living snot out of them. If you think that having enforcers is dumb, and something that only happens in the NHL, look no further than Hollywood.

The Mighty Ducks. Thats right. The Gordan Bombay coached-Mighty Ducks had enforcers. They had Fulton and Portman skating around protecting Conway and Banks. We all remember how Fulton and Portman handled those Icelandic monsters. So even Disney knew that these guys are important, that they have a place in hockey. So if Mighty Ducks could find a use for enforcers at the Junior Goodwill Games, NHL teams can sure use them to protect their star players.

***Side note: Because its the All-Star Break, and its a useless week-end, I am going to need suggestions on what to write about, so if you want to know my thoughts on anything hockey, let me know.***

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